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£59k Playboy Surprise for 32Red Casino Player

£59k prize won by 32Red Casino player on the Playboy slots game


10 Aug 2015

This summer, 32Red Casino has proved that Hugh Hefner’s not the only guy who’s lucky enough to enjoy a Playboy lifestyle. While a lucky member of the site (identified as Michael D.) didn’t get to take home his very own Bunny, he did end up walking away from the site with a lot more than he bargained for after spending some time with a Playboy-endorsed slot game.

In fact, Michael D.’s payout is so impressive, it’s shot him right to the top of last month’s (July 2015) top winners list. After playing the online Playboy slot by Microgaming, Michael scooped a tremendous win of £59,596.32. So, if you fancy emulating his success, here’s a quick overview of his chosen game.

Unlike the infamous, top-shelf magazines, the Playboy slot features classy illustrations of classic cars, girls in cocktail dresses and swimsuits, and couples riding along sandy, golden beaches on motorbikes. Every time you spin the reels, you’ll have the potential to win in 243 ways. The bonus game gains you entry to Playboy’s exclusive club where you can score between ten and twenty-five free spins, as well as additional features like running wilds, rolling reels, and multipliers.

If you’re a fan of fast cars, beautiful girls and Microgaming slots, why not try it for yourself at 32Red Casino?

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