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$483K Blackjack Progressive Won At Valley Forge Casino


30 Sep 2016

We all know how men hate to shop with women, and often will find something more interesting to do. The something more interesting for a Philadelphia resident proved to be quite lucrative!

Harris Cohen opted to spend a little time at the Valley Forge Casino whilst his wife went shopping at the King of Prussia mall.

A regular at this particular casino, his favourite games are craps and blackjack, although he has been known to spin a reel or two.

Super 4 Progressive Jackpot At Valley Forge Casino

On this occasion he’d opted for the Blackjack tables and noted how high the Super 4 Progressive Jackpot was. He though “Why not?” and placed his five dollar bet.

It was at this point that Lady Luck strolled into the room and pulled up the chair next to Harris.

The cards were dealt and when the cards of the player and the dealer were combined, they had created a Royal Flush of Diamonds meaning that Harris had won 100% of the massive Super 4 Progressive jackpot.

The total won by this jackpot winner was $483,533.15!

The jackpot has now been re-seeded to $180,901.44

This jackpot can pay out in ten different ways resulting in payouts from as little as $15 to the progressive that Harris Cohen was lucky enough to win.

Valley Forge Casino Congratulate Winner

The vice president of Gaming Operations for the Valley Forge Casino, Anthony Spagno, said

We’d like to congratulate Mr. Cohen on behalf of the casino, our staff and the management.

The atmosphere is electric when we have a jackpot winner, and we are all about the winning.

Valley Forge Casino |n The News

This is better news for the casino and comes just days after it was announced that their top chef, Luke Palladino, was filing for bankruptcy.

Valley Forge Casino made this announcement on 13th September, stating

We are to go in a new direction with fine dining and is no longer affiliated with Luke Palladino.

We will soon announce plans for a new steakhouse restaurant concept. LP Steak will operate in the short term until the new steakhouse restaurant opens.

We thank Luke Palladino for his contributions and bringing his innovative culinary expertise to Valley Forge Casino Resort, and we look forward to unveiling our new dining experience.