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32Red Take on William Hill in Court


26 Feb 2013

Two of the online gambling heavyweights are clashing in court today as 32Red and William Hill meet in London.

The reason for their court appearance is a trademark dispute regarding the 32Vegas Casino that was operated by William Hill. Although 32Red have already won the initial ruling, legal representatives from the two companies are back in court today as 32Red seeks to compensation for costs and damages.

The case now dates back four years and a verdict was given more than a year ago in January 2011. Then, the ruling was that William Hill’s use of 32Vegas and 32V did not comply with the laws surrounding 32Red’s European Community Registered Trade Marks.

After the ruling in favour of them, 32Red have sought for an injunction to be placed which would stop Hills from using the 32Vegas logos and slogans anywhere in the European community – a demand that has already been met.

They are now looking for compensation for what they describe as significant legal costs and would like an inquiry to take place to assess the extent of damages or profits that were caused as a result of the trademark infringement.

Despite initially hoping for these decisions to be made ‘in the near future’ it has taken 13 months for the two companies to return to court.

Speaking after the ruling in 2011, Ed Ware, chief executive and founder of 32Red, explained his delight at the vindication of their arguments.

He added: “We have an excellent reputation as an online casino operator and a strong brand – these are extremely valuable assets in any marketplace.”

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