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2012 Comes Good with $500,000 Win for Gemma


17 Nov 2012

A gambler named only as Gemma L has seen 2012 take a few unexpected twists and turns – but it has finally come good for her.

In August, Gemma lost her job, but clearly finances weren’t too severely damaged as she continued to visit the Pala Casino Resort and Spa in Northern San Diego County.

The player had won several small slots jackpots there in the past, and may have been hoping for another respectable payout to put a positive spin on her year.

On November 12th, her wish came true in a big way, after just ten minutes of playing on the $1 Wheel of Fortune progressive slot.

Gemma watched as she hit the jackpot – worth $556,559.91 – just minutes after starting play at the machine.

The progressive pot is fuelled by wagers made throughout the United States, allowing it to grow to such a substantial size.

For Gemma, who says she “felt lucky” when commenting following her win, it’s a significant upturn in what must have been a disappointing year until then.

She says she plans to buy a house with some of the money, while putting some aside for use in the future.

The hopeful punter admits that even though having won several times in the past, she’s still likely to return to the Pala Casino to try her luck again in the future.

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