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Progressive jackpot slots have been exciting players for years. With top prizes that run into the tens of millions of pounds, games like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune have life-changing potential.

    Along with bonuses, progressive jackpot games are the biggest draws when it comes to online casinos, and with reason. In fact, jackpots are so good that we named our website after them.

    In simple terms, progressive jackpots are networked jackpots that can range from just £1,000 all the way up to £10 million. These jackpots feature mainly in online slots but can be found across a wide range of casino games including roulette, blackjack and even Pai Gow poker.

    How Progressive Jackpots Work

    Every time you place a bet on a jackpot game a small percentage of that bet goes straight into the jackpot pool this is called a ‘progressive contribution’. Thanks to the progressive contribution, the jackpots grow rapidly due to the large number of players that can contribute at any one time.

    The default amount, in £s, that a progressive jackpot game is reset to after a jackpot win.

    Even if they’ve just been won, jackpots can still hand out a large amount thanks to being ‘seeded‘. This is when they are reset to a predefined amount. This amount can be as much as £1 million on the more high-profile slots so it’s not to be sniffed at.

    Jackpots are popular for a pretty obvious reason – they provide players with the chance to win a huge amount of money from placing just a small bet. Many jackpots of more than £100,000 have been won from bets of less than £2.

    Online casinos are more than happy to offer plenty of progressive jackpots as a way to draw players in. Also, the majority of the money that goes into the jackpot comes from players, so it means that the casino doesn’t lose much when a jackpot is won.

    Some casinos have more than 20 different progressive jackpot games – of these, there tends to be at least one or two at any given time worth more than £1 million. Take for instance the Microgaming’s Mega Moolah jackpot, which was won in October 2015. This jackpot was worth an incredible £13.2 million and was won by Jon Heywood in the UK, confirmed by Guinness World Records as the largest online slots jackpot ever.

    With jackpot totals constantly increasing this record is bound to be beaten at some stage and with a bit of luck it could be you who breaks it.

    But it’s not just the huge million-pound jackpots that are available. Smaller and much more regular jackpots are being won all the time.

    Casino Jackpot Timeline

    While jackpot wins don’t come around all that often, when they do it tends to be pretty special. To serve as proof, we’ve summarised a few wins below in this jackpot timeline.

    March 2001

    Most online casino jackpots tend to be from slots but one player at The Sands of the Caribbean Casino won an impressive £150,000 jackpot playing Caribbean stud poker.

    June 2004

    Microgaming’s first ever European millionaire winner (when measured in US$) was Joaqium M who won £937,171. Joaquim won at Jackpot City and was paid his entire amount in full.

    October 2005

    The Jackpot Madness progressive jackpot operated by Microgaming, paid out more than £3.15 million to 100 different players in just one month.

    May 2006

    The first jackpot to pay out $200 million (£129 million) in total is Microgaming’s Jackpot Madness.

    November 2006

    Leah A from London wasn’t content with her £278,557 win on the Major Millions slot so she carried on playing and just hours later won the same jackpot after it had been reset for £161,632.

    May 2007

    More than £4 million was won by a 29-year old blacksmith at InterCasino. The man, who even called the casino to check that he had actually won, hit his jackpot playing the Millionaire’s Club slot which paid out a further £2.5 million just two weeks later.

    July 2007

    One of Playtech’s biggest jackpots to date was won by Heinrich S on the Beach Life slot. The win was worth more than £3 million and came at African Palace Casino.

    April 2008

    A Finnish casino player named Klaus E won £3.5 million from playing the Mega Moolah slot. Klaus admitted to usually being a poker player and that he rarely even played casino.

    May 2009

    £5.4 million is won by a player known only as Giorgios M from Greece. He won playing the Mega Moolah slot at River Belle casino.

    September 2011

    A 20-year old Noweigan man set a world record in 2011 by winning £10.2 million on the NetEnt slot Mega Fortune at Betsson. At the time this was confirmed by Guinness World Records as the largest online slots jackpot ever.

    February 2012

    The Beach Life slot created a £5.1 million jackpot for a winner from Ayrshire in Scotland. The winner had placed just a £1 bet and became the largest UK slots jackpot winner.

    June 2012

    Lisa Potter from Oxfordshire won £1.3 million while playing Ladbrokes Bingo after getting bored of her partner watching the Euro 2012 football.

    January 2013

    NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot game broke records back in 2013, when a Finnish player won £13.9 million. This landmark win set the Guinness World Record for ‘Biggest Online Casino Jackpot Payout’.

    July 2013

    A Scottish fisherman netted himself a huge catch when he won an amazing £5.4 million, playing on NetEnt’s Hall of God slot.

    June 2014

    A gigantic £1.8 million was won by Mega Moolah player Jorge S. at Spin Palace Casino. Jorge is the latest to join a long list of Mega Moolah millionaires.

    December 2014

    Eurogrand Casino player Nikki M. received a welcome early Christmas present at the end of 2014, when she took home £1.5 million after winning on the popular Playtech game, Alchemist’s Spell.

    October 2015

    A recording breaking £13.2 million was won by Jon Heywood while playing Microgaming’s Mega Moolah. The prize was won on 6 October 2015 and is the largest jackpot payout from an online slot machine game.

    July 2017

    NetEnts progressive slot Mega Fortune Dreams pays out €5.5 million (£4.9 million). In 2016 the same slot paid out €7.7 million (6.8 million) on a €1 bet (£0.89 at the time of writing).

    January 2018

    Research by a large casino group revealed that in 2017 the average size of a progressive jackpot win is £3 million.

    The chances are that most of the jackpots above are going to continue to increase – so even if they’re not that big at the moment, believe us they will get bigger. The biggest casino jackpot wins have provided their lucky recipients with many millions of pounds.

    A Guide to Progressive Jackpot Games

    Jackpots can be connected to any number of different casino games but by far the most common form of jackpot is a slots jackpot. Below is a guide to the different jackpot games that can be found in online casinos.

    Millionaires Club Progressive Slot (Amaya)

    The king of all Amaya jackpots! With a starting jackpot of around £100,000, the Millionaires Club slot is a cracking all round progressive. Hit this progressive jackpot slot and you really will be joining the Millionaires Club, the pot often exceeds £1 Million!

    To enter the bonus round you need to be on three coins and hit the Millionaires Club symbol. Big bucks and simple to play, just bet 3 coins and take a spin – it could make you very, very rich.

    Rags to Riches Progressive Slot (Amaya)

    This Amaya progressive is a £1, 3-reel slot progressive jackpot. The minimum you’ll be walking away with if you hit the jackpot on Rags to Riches is an impressive £100,000; however, the jackpot often climbs to more than £200,000.

    With lifelike graphics, fun game play and ridiculously huge payouts, Rags to Riches is a firm favourite amongst online casino progressive jackpot fans.

    Progressive Blackjack (Amaya)

    It’s a classic jackpot but not as we know it. With this casino progressive jackpot, you stand to win a guaranteed minimum jackpot of £50,000. Of course, the jackpot often grows to more than double this amount. Can you resist taking a spin on this blackjack based slot machine?

    It’s a novel way to win big at an old card game favourite, combined with the excitement of the slots. It’s all in the aces – if you are lucky enough to get four you will be a much richer progressive player in an instant.

    Casino Stud Poker Progressive (Amaya)

    Stud Poker, the ever-popular casino game now comes as an Amaya progressive jackpot game. As the name suggests this card game uses poker hand rankings (a pair, strait, three of a kind, full house etc.) If you get a Royal Flush you win the lovely fat jackpot.

    The minimum guarantee on this progressive jackpot game is £60,000 but as before, this often climbs a lot higher. Good luck.

    Triple Olives Progressive Slot (Microgaming)

    Great graphics, great sound, and big progressive jackpots combine to make Triple Olives a true favourite amongst slots lovers who love progressive jackpots. With game play from as little as 25p Triple Olives is the progressive jackpot to head for when you have the time and the will to win but not the cash to play for high stakes.

    Never paying out anything below £5,000 Triple Olives could put a big smile on your face so give it a spin today.

    Silent Screen Progressive Slot (Microgaming)

    Silent Screen is one of the few progressive jackpot games where a specific jackpot can be won. This means you’ve got a much better chance of winning as there’s less competition.

    Minimum stake is 1p with maximum at £5 so the game is suitable for wallets of all sizes. There are also wild symbols, scatter icons, multipliers, free spins and a bonus round. In addition to all of that there’s a 5,000x top award and a progressive jackpot that can usually be found at around the £15,000 – £30,000 mark.

    Mega Moolah Progressive Slot (Microgaming)

    Mega Moolah is constantly one of the biggest progressive jackpots out there. It is a five reel, twenty-five payline multiple coin game with many features. These include a Wild (which doubles the win when using other symbols to substitute), scatters (which can trigger fifteen free spins with your wins tripled!) and four tiered progressive meaning a play wins the single progressive amount.

    The top prize, the Mega, offers at least a guaranteed one million. The next prize down is the Major, which begins at 10,000 then there is the Minor level which starts at 100. So get playing if you want to win Mega Moolah!

    King Cashalot Progressive Slot (Microgaming)

    King Cashalot is one of Microgaming’s most popular progressive jackpots. It is a five reel, nine payline slot machine with a medieval twist to it. However, there are more ways to win as King Cashalot has scatter symbols and plenty of multipliers to give you an increased chance of winning.

    What’s more, it is the first game to offer the “Pick-until-Collect” bonus game, where taking a gamble can really pay off. You can choose to throw away your winnings in order to attempt to win the bigger jackpot and with King Cashalot’s jackpot frequently in the hundreds of thousands, you may think that’s a risk worth taking.

    Cash Splash Progressive Slot (Microgaming)

    The Cash Splash progressive slot is a massive five reel, fifteen line, and fifteen coin slot machine. In its lifetime Cash Splash has paid out well over £12 million since its first spin back in the early 1990’s. As with all Microgaming progressive online slots it’s linked to over 60 online casinos so the jackpot grows extremely quickly.

    The Cash Splash symbol is wild which means it substitutes any other symbol to make a winning line (except the blue scatter and the Progressive Jackpot). Watch out for the blue scatter symbol if you get at least three on any reel it means that it doesn’t need to appear in a line to enable a pay line to win.

    Major Millions Progressive Slot (Microgaming)

    Major Millions is the daddy of all progressive slot jackpots and one that everyone associates with Microgaming casinos. It’s a colossal progressive jackpot despite being relatively new. It was designed to pay out the biggest jackpots ever and it certainly delivers.

    Major Millions is a top notch three reel, three line, three coin slot machine with great graphics. As with other Microgaming slots the Major Millions symbol is wild and will help you double the payout of any combination that it completes, two Major Million symbols quadruples it and three on three coins on the third pay line pays the jackpot!

    Fruit Fiesta Progressive Slot (Microgaming)

    Fruit Fiesta is a three-reel, three-line, three-coin progressive jackpot slot and perhaps the closest you are going to get to the look and feel of a UK style fruit machine without the nudges and bonus round. The Fruit Fiesta symbol is wild and will complete any winning combination on an enabled pay line.

    Play more than three coins and you qualify to play for the progressive jackpot. Get three Fruit Fiesta symbols on the third pay line on a three coin spin and you take the whole jackpot! Hit this progressive and your name will be up in lights and your wallet a little thicker.

    Deuces Wild Progressive Video Poker (Microgaming)

    Deuces Wild is perhaps one of the most popular video poker games along with Jacks or Better. However, the big difference between the two is that Deuces Wild has a progressive attached. It’s the ideal online casino progressive jackpot for those who want to win big but prefer seeing cards to the reels on a slot machine.

    The best part of Deuces Wild video poker is that the four two’s (Deuces) in the deck are wild cards and can be substituted for any other card for any rank and in any suit. This is what makes Deuces Wild so exciting. You’ll need to make the maximum bet of five coins to qualify for this excellent progressive jackpot.

    Lots-A-Loot Progressive Slot (Microgaming)

    Lots-a-Loot is another progressive slot machine. Lots-of-Loot is configured as a five-line, five-coin, three-reel slot. Keep your eyes peeled for the Lots-a-Loot symbol as it will double the payout of any combination that it completes on any line.

    If you are lucky enough to get five Lots-a-Loot symbols on the 25th payline of this generous progressive jackpot slot, you’ll hit the jackpot, winning the network-wide pot which often runs in to tens of thousands of pounds. With such huge regular payouts the Lots-a-Loot progressive slot is always worth a punt.

    Cyberstud Progressive Video Poker (Microgaming)

    As its name suggests Cyberstud is a stud poker game with a progressive jackpot strapped on and one of only three table games with a progressive on the Microgaming casino network. This game offers a unique range of bet sizes and as expected it’s connected to a huge network of over 60 Microgaming online casinos, hence the huge pot.

    The object of the game is to beat the dealers hand with your hand using poker value cards. In the past Cyberstud poker has paid out over £200,000 to one lucky UK casino player.

    Roulette Royale Progressive Roulette (Microgaming)

    Roulette Royale is an ever popular progressive jackpot. Roulette Royale is based on the traditional game of European roulette but with a fantastic twist.

    Each time the same number repeats itself the player is given a win even if you didn’t bet on that particular number. The best bit, if that number repeats five times the progressive jackpot is all yours. If you love table games you will love Roulette Royale.

    SupaJax Progressive Video Poker (Microgaming)

    SupaJax is a progressive video poker just like the old favourite Jacks or Better. The objective of the game is very simple, finish the game with the strongest hand possible to be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

    This ever increasing jackpot will pay out if you have bet five coins and your hand contains four jacks and the SupaJax card. Note that the SupaJax card is not a wild. A great game with some skill involved. Good luck!

    Treasure Nile Progressive Slot (Microgaming)

    As it sounds, Treasure Nile is an Egyptian themed slot and is yet another Microgaming first. Treasure Nile was the internet’s first ever 9-line 5-reel progressive jackpot. The Pharaoh symbol is the most important symbol to watch out for as it unlocks the jackpot.

    If you get five Pharaohs on the 9th pay line you win the progressive. As with all Microgaming slots you can change the screen size and user the keyboard to control the game.

    Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack (Microgaming)

    Triple Sevens also known as Triple 7’s. This blackjack progressive jackpot has some unique features. With an average payout in excess of £15,000, playing with Tripple Sevens is a sure fire way to spice up your average blackjack game with some high powered jackpots. The progressive jackpot is won if the first three cards of a players hand include 3 diamond sevens.

    Welcome to the Playtech progressive jackpots page which provides real time jackpot updates of all your favourite Playtech progressives. To find out more about progressive jackpot and how they work see our progressive casino jackpots page.

    Wall St. Fever Progressive Slot (Playtech)

    Fancy yourself as a high flying stocks trader? Then check out Playtech’s Wall Street Fever 3 line slots progressive. With one of the fastest payouts in online casinos and simple game play we recommend you invest in the Wall Street Fever progressive slot.

    Cinerama Progressive Slot (Playtech)

    Cinerama is a 3 reel Playtech progressive slot machine. This glamorous movie theme progressive slot features great graphics and sound as well as a cracking jackpot. The Cinerama Slot is well worth a punt in our opinion.

    Gold Rally Progressive Slot (Playtech)

    Crack this baby and you will have the Midas touch. When Playtech’s Gold Rally progressive slot drops it’s jackpot you’ll be rich enough to surround yourself with gold! Gold Rally is a first rate 8-line, 3 reel slot game progressive jackpot.

    One of the most generous in the world of online casinos, the object of the game is to obtain a winning combination of symbols. Gold Rally features a bonus round in addition to the regular spins. The Gold Rally pot regularly reaches over £700,000.

    Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker (Playtech)

    Caribbean Poker is one of the few table games in the Playtech suite that lends itself to having a progressive jackpot. Simply beat the dealer with your 5 card hand to win. The higher your poker hand the more you win.

    You can even make the progressive jackpot a side bet by placing £1 into the ante field. Caribbean Poker is an exhilarating and fast action game, so why not give it a try?

    Diamond Valley Progressive Slot (Playtech)

    Diamond Valley is a 5 reel slot machine with a popular progressive jackpot bolted on. Just pick what pay lines you fancy betting on and set the reels in motion. There is even a bonus round if you are feeling lucky. So take your chance and have a spin, you could hit the jackpot with Diamond Valley.

    Fruitmania Progressive Slot (Playtech)

    This ever popular 5 reel slots progressive is perhaps one of the nicest in the Playtech range. Payouts are very regular and the pot is constantly topped up with bags of cash. If you manage to get 3 or more cocktail glasses on the screen at any one time then you will walk away with the total displayed at the bottom left corner of the game. Get any three symbols on the same line and you will enter into Fruit Mania’s quick fire bonus round. Good luck.

    MegaJacks Progressive Video Poker (Playtech)

    This is an excellent video poker progressive in anyone’s book. The aim of the game is to try and get a winning five card poker hand. The higher ranking your hand, the higher your payout. Simple.

    One of our favourite bits of the MegaJacks game is the double feature, which you can play after a winning hand. Take it! If you strike it lucky and get a Royal Flush you’ll win the big progressive jackpot.

    Safecracker Progressive Slot (Playtech)

    Get rich quick without having to rob a bank by hitting the progressive jackpot on Safecracker. Safecracker is a simple slot with a bonus game and the chance to win a potentially massive progressive jackpot! Match dollar bills on the pay line to be raking in the money! Great fun.

    Magic Slots Progressive Slots (Playtech)

    Win on the Magic Slots progressive jackpot by taking a spin and matching the symbols. Choose between betting on 1 line, 2 lines or the maximum at three. This is a bonus game which is accessible by collecting three magic wand symbols whilst betting the maximum.

    Simply select one of the top hats and look under it to win your prize. You’ll hit the progressive jackpot if you get 3 matching high rank symbols, such as the magic top hat or gloves. Have you got the magic touch?

    Cosmic Fortune (NetEnt)

    Cosmic Fortune is a delight, from the retro Space Invaders intro to the super-cool main character. Payouts up to 1,470,000 coins are accompanied by an unprecedented five jackpots including three progressives – Rapid, Mini, Midi, Major and Mega totals line up at the top of the screen to give you instant information about how much you might win at any moment.

    Hall of Gods (NetEnt)

    A classic five-reel video slot based on Norse mythology – that’s Odin, Thor etc – offers three jackpot tiers; Mini, Midi and Mega. Make it into the bonus game and you’ll use Thor’s hammer to smash shields. Match three coin amounts or three jackpot symbols to claim your prize.

    Mega Fortune (NetEnt)

    Play through to the bonus round to be in with a chance of claiming one of the biggest pooled online slots jackpots – the Mega Jackpot. A wheel of fortune spins through three levels – land on an arrow, on each ring of the wheel and you’re in the money to the tune of an expected €4 million, with smaller Major and Rapid jackpots to be claimed on the outer rings and fixed payouts too if you miss the arrows.

    Arabian Nights (NetEnt)

    Based on the Arabian world of the 9th-13th centuries, this stylish slot is a five-reeler with 10 winlines, and a pooled jackpot that pays out on five matching Wild symbols.

    Icy Wonders (NetEnt)

    Everybody loves penguins, right? On Icy Wonders – one of several ‘Wonders’ titles by NetEnt – there are two local jackpots to play for, including the smaller Wonder Jackpot and the substantially bigger Mega Wonder Jackpot.

    Tiki Wonders (NetEnt)

    Beach graphics and ocean sound effects transport you away to a tropical paradise on Tiki Wonders – which also links into the ‘Wonders’ local jackpots – but the marimba sound that accompanies each spin can get a bit tiresome pretty quickly.

    Geisha Wonders (NetEnt)

    Another ‘Wonders’ title, which plays into the same local jackpot totals – Geisha Wonders is Eastern-themed, and the ever-popular lucky money cat makes an appearance on the reels here, which is no bad thing.

    Caribbean Stud (NetEnt)

    Throw a chip into the Jackpot circle on Caribbean Stud and you’re in with a chance of a bonus payout on high-ranked winning hands – anything from a 5:1 jackpot on three of a kind, up to the full jackpot amount on a royal flush.

    Caribbean Stud Pro Series (NetEnt)

    The only obvious difference on the Pro Series game is the betting limit is €40 instead of €100 – other than that the gameplay is the same, with slightly different graphics, and the jackpot terms are the same too.