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Skill vs Luck

Online casino games fall into two distinct categories: a game of skill and a game of chance or luck. In this guide we explain the difference between the two, and the games that fall into each category.

    The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.

    Bret Harte (1836 – 1902)

    Some types of casino games require knowledge of the game (skill) and luck in order for the game outcome to be favourable to the player. Blackjack, for example, is one such game. Other casino games such as slot machines require absolutely no knowledge or skill whatsoever and rely totally on that thing that we all know and love, luck.

    Veteran and professional gamblers tend only to play casino games that have a small house edge. Whereas novice players tend to play a range of games blissfully unaware of the house’s edge and its inevitable advantage.

    We’ve compiled a list of some popular casino games below and categorised them as either ‘Skill’ based or ‘Luck’ based.

    Casino Games of Skill

    In the same way that stockbrokers analyse the market’s performance, veteran casino gamblers analyse previous outcomes using mathematical skills and memorising in an attempt to predict future outcomes. This coupled with an in-depth knowledge of the event or casino games edge and how its played can help to reduce and in some cases even eliminate the house edge.

    Savvy casino gamblers can face a house edge of just 1% or less compared to the often double-digit odds that guesswork could leave you facing.

    If you have the opportunity to gain any skills that may influence your wagering to your advantage then learn those skills and practice them. It pays off!

    Online Casino Games of Skill

    * Some luck required.

    Casino Games of Luck

    Casino games of luck are just that, games of luck. Unlike in games of skill where players can reduce the house edge by applying skill, the outcome of casino games of luck is purely random. There are two golden rules to every game of luck:

    1. The house always has the edge however small that edge may be; say 0.5% or even 10% on some games.

    2. The player’s task is to predict future outcome of the game. In some casino games of luck such as Craps there is a certain amount of skill involved but by and large most outcomes are pure luck.

    Online Casino Games of Luck

    * Some skill required.