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Turn up the heat this summer with three unusual gambling experiences


30 Jun 2017

Heat and casinos are two words that do go together in the same sentence outside of the season of summer.

This could be card counters winning too much or too often to alert security and surveillance to their whereabouts or players continuing to bet significant sums of money when on a losing run, which will only bring extra sweat to their brows.

Luckily, the majority of casinos have bottomless supplies of beverages and working air conditioning to help cool players down, but in the summer months, it is understandable if some want to take their gaming activities outdoors to enjoy the warmer temperatures.

What someone can experience is largely determined by their location. If you happen to be in, or can pay a visit to, London, Las Vegas or Malaysia, in the coming weeks, the following options are available to you:


The Park Lane Club and Les Ambassadeurs are two casinos situated in Mayfair which provide an outdoor gambling space.

While some players may enjoy the fresh air or the views over Hyde Park, others may jump at the chance to, perhaps, return to their old gambling ways and enjoy a Cuban cigar or even a flavoured shisha while betting their chips.

This type of al fresco gambling environment holds plenty of appeal, especially when many of the other alluring factors associated with playing inside at the same establishments are carried to the outdoor landscape.

These include top-tier HD televisions which show popular and pay-per-view sporting events, marble clad bathrooms, luxury seating and everything from behind the bar.

However, wannabe visitors should be warned that they are unlikely to get in if they are just casually walking down Mayfair and decide they want to play a few blackjack hands outside on a pleasant evening to pass some time.

These are members clubs and will cost in the region of four figures for an annual membership.

Las Vegas

When the sun is at its most scorching and temperatures loiter around 100F, the typical reaction for many holiday goers is to spend some time soaking in the pool.

Many hotels cater to such guests by offering swim-up bars, where cocktails and slush puppies can be enjoyed without the need get out of the water.

As many as a dozen Las Vegas venues go one step further by offering the chance to gamble in the same environments. Call it swim-up blackjack.

Expect dealers in bikinis and swimsuits, submerged seats in the water, special dryers to prevent bank notes getting soggy and pouches to store chips. This is all part of the experience.

The game is ideal for casinos as players are arguably more likely to not be as focused when betting, whether it be because they are more drunk or distracted by other factors taking place around them. The more a player’s judgement is impaired, the more a casino can expect to win in the long term.

Meanwhile, because swim-up or poolside casino games attract more players who are less knowledgeable about the games than those who generally visit a casino, rules can be tilted further in the house’s direction.

We have previously earmarked three ways in which casinos look to take advantage of uninformed gamblers.


In the state of Pahang, within the Titiwangsa Mountains and about an hour from Kuala Lumpur, lies Resorts World Genting.

Although visually impressive, there is no gambling experience unique to the summertime at the hill resort. Instead, it is the grand entrance which makes it such a sizzling place to visit.

If you want views even greater than those over Hyde Park from the outdoor terrace at the Park Lane Club, how does looking over a rainforest that has existed for 130 million years sound?

Visitors can arrive at the casino via one of 109 gondolas, with 10 of these having glass bottoms, to enhance the visual appeal further.

The 10-minute trip from Awana Station on the Awana SkyWay also supplies views of the Chin Swee Temple and 20th Century Fox World Malaysia, which is a movie-inspired theme park due to open in 2017 featuring rides and attractions based on Night at the Museum, Planet of the Apes, Ice Age and more.

As for the gambling at Resorts World Genting, The SkyCasino is one place to visit. Alongside bringing the rainforest appearance indoors with its interior decoration, it features a giant ceiling LED screen to bring a mesmerising skyline to the whole betting experience and is a venue large enough to stand two jumbo jets side by side.