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Three ways casinos could use game rules to their advantage elsewhere


7 Sep 2017

It is fairly obvious that there is something successful in the rules and gameplay of casino games, as various people continually return to keep playing them again and again.

If the rules were too complicated or the gameplay too mundane, stale or boring, the games would ultimately end up on the scrapheap.

Therefore, with the gameplay such a hit on the whole, it is a slight surprise that similar tactics haven’t been utilised in other elements of the casino to attempt to enhance the experience of visitors.

After all, there are numerous ways in which this could be done. Here are three examples:

Hit or stand entry

The main goal for a player in a game of blackjack is to beat the dealer. To achieve this, they must make the correct decision after being dealt their initial two cards.

They can stand on their existing hand or hit for further cards with the intention of improving their hand. Hit and cause their hand total to exceed 21 and they bust, giving the victory to the dealer without them even having to play their hand.

This process of hitting and standing to lead to loss or reward is easily transferable to when visitors enter a casino and how much they pay for entry (entry is public and free in Las Vegas, but not so in all European and Asian casinos).

Casinos are full of playing cards and the member of staff stationed on the casino reception could be armed with a deck.

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll suggest that entry into a casino is £10. The casino staff member then shuffles the deck and turns over the top card. The task of the visitor is to guess whether the next card will be higher on lower than that on display.

Get it right and their entry fee reduces by 20p and they then get another chance to guess correctly again to make further savings on their entry.

They can stand at any time, with the hope of obtaining entry for whatever figure they have reduced their total to. However, this hinges on whether they can beat the dealer, as in blackjack.

We’ll say that the visitor has decided to stand on a seven, having reduced their fee to £8. The dealer would then decide higher or lower. If the dealer is wrong, the player wins and enters for £8. But if the dealer guesses correctly, the casino would have options over what they could charge.

It could simply be the original £10, it could be £12, as £2 was the amount the visitor was hoping to get off their entry, or another pre-set figure.

Roulette wheel of shots

After entry, one of the first things visitors may do before settling down to play their favourite game is head to the bar for a drink.

With a considerable choice on offer, why not allow each visitor to spin a roulette wheel, with the segment the ball rests in being the drink they have?

There are numerous ways a casino could work the game to bring a gambling element into play.

One way is that the drinks on the wheel could all cost different amounts if bought generally at the bar – these could range from a bottle of water, to a lager, to a shot, to a glass of wine, to a cocktail.

Each visitor pays a pre-determined amount to take their chance and this could be structured with a slight ‘house’ edge.

What’s more, there is also the possibility that, if a person doesn’t like or want the drink they have spun, they could pay a small top-up amount to spin again.

This would easily appeal to those who do not have a general drink of choice and don’t really know what they want or those with a taste for the more expensive drinks, who may be attracted by the opportunity to get this at a cheaper price.

Slot in the room

In certain locations, the first thing a visitor may do is check into their room to get rid of any luggage before heading to the gambling floor.

It wouldn’t be tough for a casino to supply an interactive game upon entry to a room, whether this be on a wall or played through the in-room television using the remote control.

This could resemble a classic slot game, with familiar slot symbols. A visitor would be given one free credit to play and spin. Here are a list of possible prizes:

  • Bar – free item from room mini bar
  • Stacked Bar x3 – three free drinks from casino bar
  • 7 – £7 of free gambling chips to collect from the casino
  • Cherry – Free room service food snack – plate of chips, baguette etc
  • Bell – Free wake up call from reception to inform you of a free breakfast
  • Game over symbol – No win

The casino could cover any costs by charging slightly more than standard for rooms with this capability and help hit their intended profit margin by ensuring that the ‘game over’ symbol is the most frequent result.