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The VIP experience in a Casino: Find out what you’re missing!


16 May 2019

If you have ever wondered what it is like to be treated like James Bond in a casino, the VIP casino experience could be for you!

Multiple land-based casinos have VIP packages, with the aim of bringing a level of service to the customer that they keep opting for this. If you do get a chance to go on a VIP casino experience, make sure you dress like James Bond though and make the effort! Time to break out the best tuxedo.

Dine in style following a private tour

Depending on the casino, most will usually always include at least a three course meal in your VIP experience package, with some of the most elite such as in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas having michelin star chefs of the highest quality.

With champagne generally always in full flow, a VIP will get a private tour of the casino often prior to dining, where the guide will explain about the various games on offer and provide a history of the casino throughout.

Naturally, there are specifically designated VIP areas, which keep other guests out and offer a higher degree of intimacy and privacy, such as separate gaming rooms.

Benefit from a private lesson and make the most of free credit

Still a bit rusty with your Texas Hold ‘Em? Need to work on your blackjack? No matter. Most VIP casino experiences include a private lesson for a game of your choice featuring as an added and enticing benefit, designed to encourage you to wager later on.

These are usually highly informative and engaging with the instructor opening their playbooks to customers and revealing the ins and outs of gaming strategy. This in particular is one of the biggest perks for VIPs, who get to exercise their curiosity – it is especially useful for seasoned professionals who get to see the games from the ‘other side’ and understand the bigger picture.

Every VIP will always get a certain amount of free credit included in their package to wager in the casino, so it is always worth paying attention to what you are being told during your private tuition – even ask any questions that you have always wondered about and pay attention. It isn’t every day you get access to someone who works at a casino, so listen carefully when they explain a game to you – it just may work to your advantage!

Enjoy exclusive surroundings

Of course, it isn’t all about trying to turn a profit from your free credit. This is a chance to soak up the environment – you will have access to places in the casino which other guests won’t – maybe you get to see a spectacular view, or sit in a more comfortable chair.

It is little things like these that shouldn’t be taken for granted – especially if you are in a more exclusive casino in the Alps for example.

Being a VIP can mean access to any entertainment that the casino provides such as a show like many do in Las Vegas – it is definitely worth accepting, afterall, it is about the experience and you might not get that chance again!

If you have half a million lying around

Basically, if you win the lottery, then head to the Venetian on the Las Vegas strip. This VIP experience really does combine every element of luxury, including a private jet.

Get picked up in a Maybach and then check straight into the presidential suite for four nights, with its own private butler. One can dream.