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The Best Time and Day to Visit a Casino

Here's a run down of the the factors to consider when you're deciding what time to visit a casino.


21 Apr 2016

It shouldn’t be taken as gospel that all people who visit a casino are doing so with the sole intention of making money.

Others may be visiting for social reasons, it could be the opportunity to participate in a hobby or generally be lost in a world of escapism from normal day-to-day life for a few hours.

This is what makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly when is the best time to visit a casino. Largely, it depends on the individual motives and goals of a person.

However, here is a compendium of things to consider before making plans to stop off at the tables:


It will come as no surprise to discover that casinos in general tend to be far busier in both the evenings and during weekends, with Saturday nights providing the most action.

Certain games flow better and are far more enjoyable when a casino is at its most jam packed. Craps is a prime example where the majority of players, especially the beginners, are rooting for the same outcome – either a seven or an 11 on the Come Out roll or the avoidance of a seven during the Point roll.

The atmosphere can also be off the scale at roulette, as players place bets directly on numbers all over the layout, with a successful bet paying out at 35/1.

This can result in some relatively big wins for modest stakes and is sure to generate an over-abundance of high fives, fist pumps and general celebration and congratulation around the table.

In general, evenings are bursting with more rowdier players, the mornings are occupied by those in need of sleep or a shower and the afternoons provide a more chilled, restrained and congenial atmosphere. Everyone is different as to which of these has the greatest appeal.

Slots money making

The general consensus is that the most likely time that a slot machine will pay out is after an excessive period of play without a win. By being in a casino at a busy time, a slot player can monitor a selection of machines and keep track of which are running especially cold.

However, this process can be quite time consuming, particularly if all machines being watched have proven fairly generous in terms of dishing out returns.

Instead, the early hours of either a Sunday or Monday morning, in casinos which are open 24 hours a day seven days a week, may be a good time for slots fans to appear as the machines are liable to have been frequently played in the hours previous.

What’s more, players should have more choice over which slots they can settle down at during this period, with the evening sure to have far fewer seat vacancies.

Blackjack fans

There are two factors to take into account for regular blackjack players – the number of decks of cards they ideally want in a shoe and the table minimums they wish to bet at.

It is often easier to maintain a basic card count in a two-deck game of blackjack and the more players there are in a round reduces the chances of being able to take advantage of a profitable position.

Therefore, two-deck fans who want to play solely against a dealer should consider visiting in the early afternoon. This is also when table betting minimums are likely to be at their lowest.

As for six-deck card shoes, a late seat on a busy table is often regarded as a good position, where a player can utilise knowledge of what has been dealt to others before deciding whether to stick or twist.

Heading to a casino in the early evening may be best for six-deck supporters, where greater activity is probable, but there is not a lengthy wait for a seat, which could even be in an unwanted position.

Other factors to bear in mind

Some players have a preference for a particular dealer when playing a game, whether it be because they bring them luck, provide a more welcoming experience, deal quickly or resolve any complications amicably.

Obviously, when to visit a casino may be guided in this instance by the shift pattern of the dealer in question.

The availability and type of food on offer could be another factor to take into account. If a casino has a reputation for delivering an affordable and high-class breakfast buffet, but a terrible evening-meal spread, it may make most sense to make the trip in the morning.

Also, in the same way pubs have happy hours, casinos can offer something similar with their comps and bonuses. If playing slots for an hour between 2pm and 3pm entitles a player to a free room for the night or an equally lucrative comp, this is perhaps the best time to visit.