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Six positives of gambling in a land-based casino


5 Nov 2018

Once a person has reached the decision that they want to enjoy casino games, there are still other choices that need to be made.

Among the first is whether to make the journey to a land-based casino or whether to gamble online instead.
There are pros and cons to each and below are six perks to be experienced if paying a visit to a land-based casino.

Atmosphere and social experience

Casinos are designed to encourage visitors to stay and play for longer. Specialist interior designers are tasked with ensuring that everything from the floor layout, to the wall features, to the choice of carpet lure people into gambling.
Step into a casino and expect the bright lights and the frequent chiming sounds from banks of slot machines to absorb you.
The atmosphere continues at the tables, with conversation likely with the dealers and other casino visitors.
If you are playing a game like roulette where there is the possibility of multiple winners on a single spin, there could be high fives aplenty, lots of celebration and a general positive experience.
Play on your laptop in your bedroom and even if you have a big win, play will invariably go on with little in the way of celebration.

Free drinks

Whether someone’s gambling experience can be enhanced by consuming alcohol or whether a person is best served avoiding such fluids is an often-debated decision.
We’ve previously weighed up the pros and cons of drinking at the tables. It can be a good way of settling nerves and improving the confidence for some players, while it can cause others to make irrational betting choices.
Hoping for the latter, casinos often give out free drinks to players, believing that they recoup the costs of the alcohol by players betting the same amount and more at the tables.
Not only are the drinks free, but casinos also employ waitresses, sometimes in cocktail dresses, to take orders and bring the drinks to the tables.
Playing online does not give such luxuries.


Free drinks are not the only perk that casino visitors are able to enjoy. If you sign yourself up for a Players Card, numerous other benefits could come your way.
These are used each time you play and are effectively a loyalty scheme, tracking both your total stakes and the length of time you spend spinning slot reels or being seated at table games.
If you own a Players Card in a casino in Las Vegas, your comps could range from free all-you-can-eat buffets, to hotel rooms, to show tickets.


There is a large degree of choice these days within many online casinos, whether this be an array of slots or an assortment of different table games, each with varying minimal stakes.
However, this pales into insignificance when compared to many land-based casinos. Take the Bellagio in Las Vegas as an example.
Its slot floor features over 2,300 reel, video reel and video poker games. This is comfortably at least three times more than can be regularly found at an online site.
Meanwhile, popular Chinese dominoes game Pai Gow and a card game called Let It Ride are among the more uncommon table options that can be explored at the Bellagio.
It is very rare for either of these games to be available in an online casino. In fact, the table games sections of many online casinos feature little more than a few blackjack tables, a roulette wheel and possibly some baccarat and poker tables.


To be a successful poker player, one of the most valuable skills to perfect is the ability to gain an accurate read of another player.
Although betting patterns can factor into this, a lot comes down to what can be seen in the flesh. Does a player twitch when they are bluffing? Do the corners of their mouths turn upwards when they hit on the flop?
If playing at an online casino, such tells remain a secret.


Should you wish to join an online casino, before you will even be allowed to deposit into an account, the website will require your name, address, email, phone number, bank account information and most likely the name of your first pet and its shoe size.
Visit a land-based casino and you can simply walk in with no questions asked. You hand over your cash, receive some chips in return and then start to gamble.
Obviously to remain under the radar and keep your private information private, you won’t be able to sign up for a Players Card. But as the popular saying goes “you can’t have it all”.