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Six must-see sights and attractions associated with Las Vegas casinos


28 Oct 2017

Although Las Vegas is now a location offering far more than simply extravagant gambling establishments, the chance to hit the tables remains high on the to-do list of many visitors.

However, with over 100 casinos standing in the city as a whole and 40 located on the four miles of the Las Vegas Strip, visitors are certainly spoilt for choice when deciding where to play.

The more serious gamblers will be swayed by favourable game conditions, while frequent Vegas guests may opt for either their regular hangouts or a casino in which they have never found their way into previously.

For those visitors on a once-in-a-lifetime trip or who return bi-annually at most, other visual factors could determine which casinos get their action.

With many Vegas venues not content to settle for second best in terms of glitz and wow factor, there are no shortage of landmarks, features and attractions created to draw crowds in.

Here are six such landmarks that Vegas visitors will find it hard to miss:

Fountains – The Bellagio

Choreographed routines can be seen all over Vegas, with dance shows, magic acts and circus troupes providing popular models of entertainment.

Yet the sight of over 1,000 spritzers shooting water the best part of 500 feet in the air, from an 8.5-acre lake and to a background of well-known opera, pop or Broadway music classics, is a different form of dynamic entertainment that is difficult to bypass.

Containing 22 million gallons of water, the free fountain displays are provided consistently through the afternoon and evening to attract visitors to the Bellagio, as the streams of water dance and twirl in time to whatever music is being played, whether it be Frank Sinatra or Michael Jackson.

The Erupting Volcano – the Mirage

Whereas the Bellagio has been in existence for 17 years, the Mirage opened its doors for the first time in 1989, with its signature volcano erupting continuously since. It was the Strip’s first real attraction of this nature.

Now, there are as many as three free shows each day, where fireball devices not only sprout flames on demand, but some soar above 12 feet in the air.

Mickey Hart, the former drummer with the US rock band Grateful Dead, also co-composed a drum score to work in tandem with the display to give the impression that every stage of a volcanic eruption is being experienced.

The Eiffel Tower – Paris Las Vegas

It may only be half the size of the original Paris landmark, but that doesn’t stop the Vegas version of the Eiffel Tower still towering above the Fountains at 540 feet tall.

Undaunted sightseers can take advantage of a glass elevator ride to ensure they get birds-eye, 360-degree views of the Strip.

This can be especially exhilarating in the evening when both the bright lights of the city are in full force and the Fountains are at their peak. Stay up as long as you wish and when you do decide to come down, you’ll be in the heart of the Paris Las Vegas casino.

High Roller – The LINQ

Want to see the sights of Vegas from an even higher vantage point? Go to 550 feet at the top of the High Roller.

This is the world’s tallest observation wheel, bigger than both the London Eye and the Singapore Flyer. There is space for 40 passengers in each of the 28 see-through pods, while the use of 2,000 LEDs illuminate the attraction at night for a different perspective.

The High Roller is positioned at the heart of the Strip and is the main attraction of The LINQ entertainment district.

Sky Jump – Stratosphere Las Vegas

If you are prepared to look down from 829 feet above the Strip and fancy seeing the city in a different light, there’s always the option of an open-air leap from the Stratosphere Tower.

Hit speeds of up to 40 miles per hour on a decelerated freefall, controlled through the use of a descender machine. It’s almost like a mini skydive that is extra safety conscious.

The Stratosphere casino is located just to the north of the Strip and also features rides to appeal to thrill seekers. These are Big Shot, Insanity and X-Scream.

The Black Pyramid – Luxor Las Vegas

Down the southern end of the Strip is where the Luxor can be found, which follows an Egyptian theme throughout its design.

This includes a Great Sphinx at the entrance ahead of a 350-feet pyramid, which houses 36 stories inside.

On a Strip where many hotels can begin to look alike in their design, the Luxor certainly catches the eye.