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Six motivations why casino visitors continue to play on


4 Nov 2017

Before stepping into a casino or loading up casino games online, most players will have set themselves goals as to when they intend to stop playing.

This could be when they achieve a certain level of profit, when they have played a certain number of hands or spins, when a particular time of day is reached or simply when they have lost all of their bankroll.

Whether it is these or another reason, there will still be the temptation for many to continue on. To be greedy and chase more profit, to top up a bankroll with additional funds or push back other plans by 15 minutes to squeeze in some extra play.

Below are six such motivations as to why someone will be lured into going beyond their initial playing plan.

The continued high of winning

There are many happenings and situations that generate feelings of pleasure, happiness and satisfaction in the brain’s reward system and a gambling victory is one of these activities.

Dopamine is a chemical in the body most associated with such positive feelings. Levels will rise and spike when pleasure and elation is achieved. And it is a thrill that people naturally want to occur over and over again.

The chase of another buzz and effectively another shot of dopamine is enough to encourage a slots player to spin the reels again.

The jackpot-winning dream

Gambling is something of a rarity in the sense that it is an activity that allows someone to radically change their life status.

By staking little on a slot machine or a lottery, there is the potential to win a huge sum of money. Working hard and trying hard doesn’t offer the same capability of a person changing their life.

The continued pull that a few extra reel spins on a slot could transform a person’s life is an obvious attraction to keep playing.

Because a win is ‘due’

A player continually betting the 50/50 markets in roulette, but hasn’t had a winner for six spins. A player counting cards at blackjack and the count has just got extremely positive. The slot machine has a high return-to-player rate, yet hasn’t paid out in a while.

Each of these scenarios would understandably lead a player to determine that a win of some level is on the brink and it would be foolish to absorb a losing run and then not get the gains of an expected winning one.

But there is no guarantee that a run of six red-number winners at roulette won’t become 10 or that a positive blackjack count will prevent a dealer flipping a six to turn their hand of 15 into 21.

To showcase skill and knowledge

A player will almost certainly want to conclude their gambling session on a high, to bring a level of positivity to any upcoming session, to boost self esteem and potentially gain some social recognition.

All players want to showcase their skill and knowledge, while receiving some endorsement from others is good for the ego.

Whether it’s blackjack or poker, a player will feel better about ending a game if they know they have earned the respect of those also at their table.

Finishing without accomplishing this may encourage them to play on further until they do.

To socialise for a longer period

Some people don’t enjoy much opportunity to socialise and interact with others and a casino visit does present such an opening.

A game of blackjack may be an individual battle of player against the dealer, but that doesn’t stop the opportunity to chitchat both during and between hands.

Craps isn’t a team game, but with the majority of players making a pass-line bet, it can often feel this way as they all chase the same outcome.

If the atmosphere is good and things are going well, for a player who may be disappearing off to a much lonelier and unsociable existence, remaining at the table is a more attractive proposition than any viable alternative.

To have fun

When a player is winning, experiencing multiple adrenaline rushes and generally having a good time, why would they want to give this up before they have to or need to?

There is no guarantee that such an enjoyable gambling session will be tasted in the near future or that similar levels of fun will be gained doing other activities.