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Six computer games that could be adapted for betting purposes to feature in future casinos


24 Oct 2016

Among the biggest challenges facing casinos in the next decade is how they are going to charm the next wave of young adults.

It is no secret that current casino games, especially those of the slot variety, do little to significantly impress the young. Even those which follow a theme with sleek skins and recognisable sound effects are not the most enticing. We have previously highlighted some original slot machine-themed games which may generate greater appeal.

However, given the number of machines that can occupy a relatively small space and the fact the older casino-goers like them, it is virtually impossible for establishments to downscale.

What casinos must do is balance these with other types of games that are accepted by today’s young adults and those close to emerging from their teenage years.

Six ways casinos can stop Generation Y walking past their doors without even looking in have been mentioned here, but a recent article in The Economist mentioned the intentions of Mark Frissora, the chief executive of Caesars Entertainment, to consider ways of incorporating arcade-style games into a casino environment.

Also highlighted is the possibility in the near future of players taking on each other at recognised computer games and then placing wagers relating to things that may happen.

This got us thinking: which popular computer games from those already on the market and well known to Generation Y have the potential to be a hit in a casino landscape where players can wager on certain things occurring?

Here are six conceivable ideas:


A perfect head-to-head game to be played among friends, with the betting possibilities being largely endless based on the punting opportunities that exist within professional football.

However, if actual matches are considered to take too long based on the amount of profit the casino can make, there is always the option for two players to challenge each other in a penalty shoot-out.

Such bets could include a player’s accuracy across the standard five spot-kicks or even how many times the goalkeeper dives the right way.

Rocket League

Football with a difference, as players use rocket-powered cars to effectively push the ball into the goal of the opposition.

It’s clearly popular on the basis that, since its release last July, over 18 million unique players have been noted and there is also the opportunity for as many as eight players to take part across the two teams.

The intention is to gain points and these can be ascertained in a host of ways, whether this be scoring a goal, making a save or providing an assist. Each of these point-scoring achievements could be the focus of a wager.

Call of Duty

Ever since Call of Duty Black Ops 3, the franchise has become a multiplayer experience. Players can join forces online to complete missions.

It would seemingly be possible in such a first-person shooter for players to wager on their accuracy when it comes to firing at enemies or perhaps even on the time they would expect to complete a particular mission in.

Mario Kart

What can be easier to bet on than a racing game, where there is a clear winner?

Yet unlike most racing games, Mario Kart has obvious betting opportunities beyond the race winner. The biggest relates to the hazards that players are able to spill on the track to send others into a spin.

These include banana peels, a lightning bolt, a coloured shell that can be fired at other racers or squid ink that temporarily blinds their view. Bets could be placed on how many times each individual hazard is used throughout a race.


In some ways, this is like a grown-up version of Pokemon, where players collect character cards and use them to battle against others. The goal is to reduce the health of the opponent’s card to zero.

This is achieved through actions such as casting spells or using minions to generate attacks.

The potential betting possibilities range from winning a battle, to how many minions are stopped, to whether a certain character card is utilised.


In terms of name value, this skateboarding game is not the most recognisable from those on this list, but it presents lots of opportunities for a player to place a wager.

These include whether the player completes their tricks to the required standard to pass a level, whether they will register a chart-topping score through perfectly timing their grinds and landings or whether a certain long, dangerous combination of spins and flips will be attempted during a run.