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Reviewing the different kind of online casino signup offers


24 Jul 2019

The world of online casino has a vast amount of casino signup offers, designed to lure in and tempt new players to register with them so we explore some of the most popular in the market.

One of the hardest tasks for any new online casino is attracting and signing up new players, though there is no shortage out there, especially with people all around the world reaching the legal gambling age every year.

That said though, to stay ahead of their competition, it does mean that they have to be more inventive to try and get new people ‘through the door’ and persuade them to sign up and wager funds.

As a result, there are a number of signup offers out there, all of which have their unique features, advantages and benefits. 

Non-deposit bonus 

Arguably one of the most popular, because it literally works how it reads. This is attractive because it allows potential customers to play their games with free funds, without having to make a deposit with their own money. 

This gives new players the freedom to experiment on a number of the online casino’s games at their own leisure using free funds before making a decision. Nearly every new online casino offers this type of bonus, because they know that a certain percentage of the people who accept the offer will sign up.

Deposit bonus

These are attractive, because for sacrificing just a small (relatively speaking) amount such as £5 or £10 they will often receive up to five times that amount as a bonus in some online casinos, giving them a great chance to turn that into serious profit.

The attraction is that for such a small principle (deposit), they are presented with the opportunity to turn it into a substantial amount either playing slots or betting on sports. 

Also, it means that potential new customers will spend more time on their website, with the theory being that they will become accustomed and drawn to it the more time they are on it and eventually commit as a long term and loyal customer. 

Free spins

This is highly popular for new potential customers and online casinos understand the psychology behind it. 

The player risks nothing but receives up to 10 free spins to enjoy on selected slots. The great thing is that with the various jackpots, customers could in theory win large amounts off every free spin (though this is highly unlikely). 

What is more likely though, and online casinos know this, is that after 10 free spins, the customer is already hooked and will likely make a deposit, especially if they haven’t won from it, because they are convinced that a payout will happen at some point and they don’t want to miss out.

Welcome Package

A lot of online casinos have now started to offer welcome packages where they include a selection of the different bonuses into one, in order to try and make the potential new customer feel special.

This could include for example, 10 free spins, £50 bonus and one of either a blackjack, poker or roulette bonus for just a £10 deposit. These often have the desired effect because the customer sees value in it, especially from a potential return on investment perspective and the numerous possibilities that are presented to them.