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Why Visiting a Casino is a Great Way to Escape a Traffic Jam

Find out how one lucky woman hit the jackpot on her first visit to a casino.


26 Jun 2016

In the 90 mile-per-hour world that many people now live in, the last thing they need are the delays caused by traffic jams.

Such congestion only tends to heighten stress as motorists rush to get to work meetings, get home to relax and spend time with the family or travel towards a social activity.

Invariably, the frustration can manifest into road rage, as drivers let their emotions boil over.

In these circumstances, motorists may choose to entertain themselves and pass the time by singing to the radio, while listening to the frequent traffic bulletins informing them that the jam they are currently in goes on for a further 15 miles.

Some comfort themselves with any food stored away in the car, women use it as a perfect opportunity to redo their make-up and others may decide to have a good cry wondering what they did to deserve such rotten luck.

Second Time Lucky

However, for one woman in the UK, the negative of being caught up in congestion soon became a positive.

Stepping foot into a casino may not be something that instantly springs to mind when the roads are blocked, but such a decision recently enabled Debbie Maynard to become richer to the tune of £15,699.54.

With rush-hour traffic at a standstill in Hampshire, the 52-year-old decided the best way to kill time was to pay her first ever visit to a casino.

Having put £10 into a slot machine, on a second spin for a wager of just 66p, the jackpot was scooped.

She told the local press: “I’m not really a gambler. I didn’t even know what I was doing. Some chap next to me said you need to press this button and that button.

“I got bronze, silver and then he said I had got gold – ‘you’ve won the jackpot’.

“I didn’t even know slot machines paid out that sort of money.”

Cash Lump Sum

Arguably, the best part of this story is that the casino in question paid out the jackpot in cash, which could bring concerns as to how such a hefty sum was transferred home.

Debbie avoided the temptation of piling her prize back into another machine, instead adopting the sensible solution of taking her money back to the car. “Luckily I had a big handbag with me,” she added.

In fact, for many other slot jackpot winners in the past, such a method of money removal would have been impossible, given that a prize of almost £16,000 is a drop in the ocean compared to the bumper sums claimed by others.

Big Winners in the States

At a casino in Nevada earlier this year, a gold miner hit the jackpot in the true sense when visiting with his wife.

The pair were both playing on adjacent slot machines when, on the seventh spin, the husband set off the flashing jackpot lights.

His prize was over $12m, having initially put just $100 into the winning machine.

Interestingly, the 64-year-old was keen to save most of the money and to go back to work.

Although slot machines offer the biggest jackpots and provide the best chance of turning a small stake into a life-changing sum of money, other casino games offer gambling rookies the prospect of winning some money while having fun and passing time.

Roulette is ultimately a game of pure chance, where regular players have no obvious advantage of winning over those placing their chips on the layout for the first time.

Players simply have to decide which bet to make and this is ultimately a lottery. They could bet on an odd or even number, a number on a red or black square or a number in a particular number sequence.

Then again, they could decide to simply put their chips on a certain individual number, whether this be their age, the day they were born or a supposed lucky number. Each digit has as much chance of being where the spinning ball finally lands as another.

But casinos are places that can be enjoyed equally by a gambling beginner or pro and, if nothing else, for those stuck in traffic, they offer a location to use the bathroom, grab a snack or have a more comfortable sit down away from the road ragers.