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The one-off roulette bet that gives best chance of guaranteeing a profit


31 Oct 2016

Not that this will happen very often, but imagine walking around a casino and finding £70 unclaimed – whether it be sat in the bottom of an unoccupied slot machine, left on a blackjack table not being used or on the floor in a toilet cubicle.

Some people may decide to leave the money where it is to avoid any potential controversy, more honest folk could opt to pick up the money and hand it in to the casino, detailing what they had stumbled across and others wouldn’t be able to resist bulging their pockets and adding the loot to their own bankroll.

For those who fall into the latter of these categories, or simply have £70 they are prepared to gamble in an instant, the question relates to how they should stake their money?

If the thrill is seeking maximum profit, the obvious move would be to head over to the roulette wheels and stake the whole lot on a straight-up bet.

Each bet on a single number pays out at 35/1 and has a 2.6% chance of being successful on a standard American roulette wheel containing both a 0 and a 00. If correct, a player will turn their initial £70 into £2,520, which includes their initial stake back.

However, this clearly isn’t the best way to guarantee a profit from a one-off spin on a roulette wheel. Here are some other options open to players.

The even-money bets

Whether it’s on red or black, odd or even or high or low, players have a few options when it comes to bets largely considered to be 50/50. In fact, they have a 47% chance of being successful given the presence on the wheel of the green pairing of 0 and 00.

If sticking £70 worth of chips on either of the 47% outcomes, 18 of the 38 numbers of the wheel will bring a £140 payday if a winner (£70 profit and the initial £70 stake back).

The even-money bet split

Some people may also consider splitting their total stake across two of the even-money options, such as placing £35 on red and £35 on even.

Doing so would leave 10 numbers that would be non-winners, giving players almost a 75% chance of at worst making their original £70 back. However, of the 28 numbers that are either red or even – eight are both. If the ball lands on one of these, players again secure a £140 payday.

Breaking it down, a player has a 21% chance of winning £140 (eight from the 38 numbers), but on top of that a 52.6% chance of recouping the initial £70 stake.

Whereas betting the whole £70 on a single even-money bet has a 53% chance of being a loser, the split lowers this probability to around 26%.

The 2/1 bets

Players also have the option of column or dozen bets, which are both groups of 12 numbers. The dozen bets are 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36, while the opening column bet is 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31 and 34. The second begins 2, 5, 8 etc and the third 3, 6, 9…

Betting the full £70 on a single column or single dozen would return £210 if successful and has a 31.6% chance of occurring.

Again, players also have splitting options. By staking £35 on two of the dozen offerings, the probability of a victory increases to approximately 63%, with 24 of the 38 numbers now being profitable. However, the return would now reduce to £105, of which £35 would be the initial stake of the winning dozen box.

The 35/1 bets

It has already been highlighted nearer the top of this article that betting the entire £70 on a successful number would seal a monster return of £2,520, although the chances of this are relatively slim.

But the best way of guaranteeing a profit on a one-off roulette spin is also by betting straight up on numbers. In fact, 35 of them!

Obviously, this means that 35 of the 38 numbers would be winners, which equates to approximately 92% of the wheel. However, with the £70 total having to be split 35 ways, players would only be betting £2 on these numbers.

This means a payday of £72, of which £2 is profit. This is far from substantial, but does increase the initial balance.


There are a fair amount of different pay-out totals and percentages in this article and it can be quite confusing to compare. So they are all housed below to make comparisons easier if you do ever have a spare £70 at the roulette wheels.

Decide which percentage and payday appeals most to you:

Straight-up bet on one number – 2.6% chance of a total return of £2,520
1/1 bet single, such as betting just on red – 47% chance of a total return of £140
1/1 bet split, such as betting red and even – 53% chance of breaking even plus a 21% chance of a total return of £140

2/1 bet single – 32% chance of a total return of £210

2/1 bet double, such as two dozen sections – 63% chance of winning £105

Straight-up bet split – 92% chance of a total return of £72