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How a £4 bet led to a £6.3m slots windfall


9 Dec 2017

One of the biggest lures of slot machines is the potential of winning a life-changing sum of money from a relatively moderate investment.

Bet £4 on a hand of blackjack and the best you could achieve is to be dealt blackjack and be paid out at 3/2. This would give £6 profit on the initial bet and mean you are returned £10 in chips by the dealer.

Profit of £140 could be achieved at roulette if you successfully bet £4 “straight up” on the winning number of a spin. Straight-up bets pay out at 35/1.

Yet, neither of these come anywhere close to standing in comparison to what £4 could be transformed into on a slot machine. As one player recently discovered, it can be as much as £6.373,373 million.

The Player

One golfer could have played three days a week for 40 years and never registered a hole in one. Others will manage it within their first few rounds.

The same can ring true on slots. Some will spin the reels for hours every week, manage to launch a few bonus rounds, gain the odd small win multiplier, but never win more than three figures on a single spin.

Alternatively, someone else will be a relative newbie to slots and land a jackpot within no time. This was the case for the £6.3m man.

Although it remains unknown how much of a complete slots novice the winner was, he was certainly new to the online casino at which he secured his enormous win.

The story is that he was using a laptop in his kitchen, while his wife and two children were watching television.

Having registered at the site, the winner opted to make a first deposit of £30. It was then after placing a £4 bet that the windfall was secured.

“When it finally sank in I called mum and dad. From my voice they knew something was up,” revealed the winner.

“I told them I’d won some money. Then I wrote down the entire win on single pieces of paper, laid them on the floor and when they came over I asked them to guess what it was. They thought it was a lottery number!”

The Jackpot

The winner added that the fact that the jackpot was “quite inviting” on Hall of Gods was the main reason he was enticed into giving the game a try.

What made this specific jackpot so attractive was that it was a pooled progressive jackpot.

With regular jackpots, players know before they start what the maximum is that they can win before spinning the reels. Progressive jackpots have no fixed value.

Instead, every bet made on the game helps the jackpot to grow, until it is won.

The pooled nature of this jackpot took it another step further. A wide number of online casinos will offer this Hall of Gods slot from NetEnt and stakes wagered at a selection of these locations will factor into the size of the jackpot.

With the opportunity for a high number of people to be playing the game at any one time, there is obviously the potential for its size to increase dramatically in a short space of time.

The Game

Hall of Gods is a slot with five reels and 20 paylines. There are also three bonus features to be made use of.

Of the trio of bonuses, the most significant is the Pick Win feature, which is activated when three Thor’s Hammer symbols are displayed anywhere across the reels.

Use the hammer to break the shields on screen and if three amounts are matched, that is the payout.

What’s more, there are three levels of progressive jackpot that can be won – mini, midi and mega.


There is clearly a huge amount of luck required to scoop a slot jackpot. Any electronic slot is run by a computer and controlled by an algorithm known as a Random Number Generator.

This ultimately decides what symbols will be shown on the reels after every spin and there is little way of knowing what will come next.

Although not impossible, hacking through the cryptographically protected algorithm is a monumental task.

What you can do to boost your chances of a big win is make sure you are betting not only the maximum stake possible, but also all win lines.

The issue with doing this is that it can empty a bankroll quickly given the size of the bet for every spin. So you will need to ensure a big enough bankroll to avoid getting wiped out almost immediately.

Furthermore, playing a slot with a high Return To Player (RTP) is a good idea as these promise far more regular wins than other slots.

We have previously introduced RTP rates and variance in relation to slot machines here.