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Four questions to ask yourself to enhance your casino experience


27 Jul 2018

Should you soon be heading off on your summer gambling holiday to a location swarming with its collection of casinos, working out a plan of which to visit and when can make plenty of sense.

There is something to be said for ‘winging it’ and sauntering into either the first casino you see, the one that attracts you most through its visual impression from the street or the one you have read up most about at home.

However, a little bit of research before setting off can substantially enhance both a casino, or even a complete holiday, experience. Answering these four questions would be a good starting point before heading out each day or night:

Which game are you planning to play?

It is not that different casinos specialise in particular games, but some do have the edge over their rivals in certain areas.

For example, if you are a slots fan that has no interest in playing any other games on a casino floor, it does not make great sense to visit a casino with only 50 slots to choose from when the one next door has 400.

Equally, poker is a game with many different variants – such as limit Hold’em, no-limit Hold’em, seven-card stud, Razz or Omaha.

Not all casinos will host all of these variations. Some may stick to cash tables only, while others will lay on tournaments too. However, these may only be at specific times of a day.

Alternatively, for players who like to spread their gambling budget across a selection of casino games, some venues will offer more diversity than others.

They will have a general mix of table games, a raft of different slots and video poker machines and maybe even some novel side bets or games that are unavailable elsewhere.

How much are you planning to stake?

Fitting in with the above, stake size could determine which casino you enter.

Taking slots as an example again, they can come in many shapes and sizes. Players who like to make their budget stretch may target penny slot machines.

These cost the bare minimum to play, although for players wanting to chase the biggest jackpots, there is usually the necessity to stake on multiple paylines.

Obviously, certain casinos may house a greater number of penny slot machines or machines with more substantial jackpots that can be one making exactly the same stake on each reel spin.

Even for those preferring table games, it may make sense to visit a venue with more tables.

This is because the greater the number of tables, the more likely the casino will be to have a wider collection of table minimums.

Should you want to play £5 blackjack, a casino with a small number of tables may not offer such a minimum, with the lowest on offer perhaps being £10 a hand.

For the bigger fish, certain casinos will provide superior hospitality over others in terms of the VIP sections offered.

How frequently are you expecting to play?

For anyone visiting a destination for only a few days, the temptation is sure to be to step inside as many different casinos as possible.

If someone is staying for a fortnight, they will have more time and opportunity to shop around for their favourite casino and then spend more time there than anywhere else.

Furthermore, if this is not a one-off trip and a return visit is pencilled in for the near future, there is the possibility of a vast number of hours being spent in the same casino.

This could be significant as certain casinos may be better than others at offering comps to visitors. Such comps could include free buffets or free accommodation.

It is not only the big spenders that are comped, with all players able to employ strategies to boost their chances of getting something extra for their time, efforts and financial dedication.

Here are 10 things that a player can do to boost their chances of receiving a comp from a casino.

Are you doing more than just gambling?

As daft as this may sound, not everybody who visits a casino is there to gamble. Some people could be simply accompanying friends on a social night out.

This may include some time set aside for gambling, but this could be doubled up with numerous other things.

Some casinos may be showcasing concerts, plenty have Michelin-star restaurants on their premises and others provide other forms of entertainment for guests.

Not all casinos are best equipped when it comes to families, others lack a little in food choice and some offer more in the way of views over the surrounding areas.

For visitors where gambling is a secondary focus, the choice of casino could make a huge difference to the amount of fun enjoyed.