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Floyd Mayweather moves from boxing to blackjack


18 Dec 2016

Ventures into the world of gambling are nothing new for Floyd Mayweather.

Known for his winning in the ring following a professional boxing career that concluded with a perfect record of 49 victories from 49 bouts, ‘Money’ extended his achievements to the sports betting landscape.

His winning wagers spanned boxing, NBA and NFL and some of his successful betting slips have been shared on social media. Among his profits are $6.9m from a single basketball bet.

Here is a selection of his wagers displayed in 2015:

Such gambling sums are relatively small prizes for Mayweather, having earned a record $250m from his 2015 triumph over Manny Pacquiao that smashed all of boxing’s previous box-office records.

However, his forage into the world of gambling has recently taken a new turn, albeit for less sizeable numbers than had previously been the case.

Mayweather headed out to the Bahamas to host and take part in a blackjack tournament, where $300,000 was up for grabs.

Previous news stories have hinted that ‘Pretty Boy’ is no stranger to a visit to Las Vegas’ high-roller blackjack tables, spending as much as $100,000 on a single hand.

“When I just sit back sometimes in my bed and I turn on the TV and just look, I think ‘I miss doing that by myself’,” The Daily Telegraph reported.

“I want to go places by myself; I want do things by myself. You think I always want to go to the movie theatre and take security? I want to go to the casino by myself and play blackjack by myself.”

Hosting a tournament is not the most logical approach to guaranteeing a single player game of blackjack.

The way a tournament works is that a game concludes after a pre-determined number of hands, with players able to bet a quantity of their chips ahead of each deal. The rules are the same as standard blackjack in terms of each individual needing to better the hand of the dealer.

In some ways the game looks tailor made for Mayweather to succeed, based on his approach to winning fights in the boxing ring, as it is not essential to have knock out opponents to secure victory.

Instead, it is about having the biggest chip stack.

We have previously discussed sound strategy for blackjack tournaments here, providing a few thoughts on how to ensure a player is still in contention for victory as the competition reaches its final hands.

Mayweather may well have taken this advice on board, as he avoided all of the elimination pitstops to reach the final round. But in a somewhat rare occurrence, the 39-year-old failed to see his arm raised.

Still, he clearly won away from the blackjack felts, based on the following tweets after the event.

Having announced his retirement from the ring, Mayweather is now focused on Mayweather Promotions. Although it is understandably boxing heavy with the events promoted, the company also branches out into other forms of entertainment.

It is this knowledge which hints that this may not be the final instalment of a partnership between Mayweather and the gambling industry as it’s clearly a business where he has more than a passing interest.