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Five ways to make an all-inclusive Vegas casino more appetising


1 Sep 2017

Especially for those who like an alcoholic beverage or 10 each day, all-inclusive holidays can be classified as a bit of a bargain.

There are no drinking caps in terms of quantity (there are in terms of quality as the top-shelf spirits and imported beer tend to be off the menu), visitors can eat as much as they like and entertainment is free for the length of the stay. Ultimately, all-inclusive holidays provide the perfect model towards minimising day-to-day spending.

Yet when it comes to visiting casino resorts and particularly those in Las Vegas, such a tariff isn’t typically an option. The most all-inclusive Vegas breaks widely available are package deals combining flights and accommodation.

At some casinos, there may be the option of being the wearer of a wristband giving unlimited access to a 24-hour buffet.

However, there are signs that change is coming, with some casinos running semblances of all-inclusive deals to visitors, without going all out.

Here are five strategies Vegas casinos could consider to make any future all-inclusive options more appealing to possible visitors:

Access to the full range of restaurants

It is not uncommon with all-inclusive packages for there to be a restriction on the restaurants or food types included.

Constantly eating from the same selection of food can quickly become monotonous, especially for those away for a fortnight or longer. This is particularly frustrating when other eating options are available within the resort, but are not included in the all-inclusive package.

If a resort houses specialist restaurants focusing on individual cuisines, visitors should have access to the full selection to choose whichever takes their fancy.

Adding a daily or weekly food spending limit could be an option if resorts have concerns that visitors will all flock towards the more expensive fine-dining options, even if this goes against the all-inclusive tag somewhat.

Use drink vouchers across multiple locations

There are numerous casino owners in Vegas who are responsible for more than one establishment. MGM Resorts International are big players with casinos including Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand and Mirage. Bally’s, The Cromwell and Flamingo are among the venues under the ownership of Caesers Entertainment, while Venetian and Palazzo are both owned by Las Vegas Sands Inc.

The all-inclusive deals that have been available so far have been limited to a single casino and there are reasons for this.

Casinos want visitors to lose sense of time. They don’t have clocks on the walls, windows, or many exits to the outside world. Without knowing whether it’s 3am or 3pm or how light or dark it is, visitors are almost tricked into playing for longer and as a result are more likely to lose.

If allowing visitors to venture down the Strip into another establishment, even if under the same ownership, casinos are potentially giving up this position. What’s more, there is also the risk that a person could be mesmerised by the competition and lured into gambling somewhere else.

However, if visitors are given additional freedom to experience more of Vegas, they may be more inclined to take advantage of all-inclusive packages.

Spa treatments, shows and attractions

Vegas drew a record number of visitors last year, with statistics compiled by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority indicating that 42.9 million arrived.

And such numbers are landing to do far more than gamble. Now, more than ever, there is something for everyone in Vegas. It’s home to concerts from chart-topping musicians, in-demand attractions and high-profile conventions among other things.

Alongside some of these shows and attractions, some casinos are also home to other popular lifestyle activities, such as nightclubs and spas.

If all-inclusive packages included a limited number of spa treatments or complimentary tickets to a popular attraction, this would certainly boost their demand.

Inclusion of resort fees

Anyone who has visited Vegas somewhat frequently in recent years will have done well not to notice rising resort fees, which are the charges not included in the initial booking cost. Many perceive them as hidden fees that only come to light when the final bill is due.

Such fees are said to contribute to extras, including access to gyms, airport shuttles, parking, in-room internet access and toll-free calls from room phones.

With all-inclusive deals helping to cut back day-to-day spending, being upfront with resort fees and adding such benefits to the all-inclusive cost could theoretically give visitors a greater disposable gambling budget.

Free chips

Who isn’t going to be enticed by this in Vegas?