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Five Celebrities Who Would Boost the Popularity of the Casino Industry

Here are the top famous faces that would most benefit casino operators with a celebrity endorsement.


29 Feb 2016

Advertising campaigns can make or break a company. Get it right and business will be booming, go overboard with comedy effect and nonsense and it will be back to the drawing board, with repair work necessary to improve the state of the brand.

Various types of advert can be successful – those that portray a serious message well, those that are so stupid they are hilarious or those that are novel.

Celebrities or personalities can also have a bearing on the success. Here are five faces who would have the potential to boost the exposure of a casino brand if selected to be the face of their advertisements:

Taylor Swift

Whether it’s famous footballer Lionel Messi advertising crisps, Jennifer Aniston promoting moisturising lotion, George Clooney drinking coffee, Olympian Jessica Ennis-Hill being the face of a banking provider or Jay Z using a certain mobile phone, celebrities can have a big sway on the attractiveness of a product.

Few celebrities can rival Swift in the popularity stakes in 2016, as evidenced by her 67.5 million Instagram followers, 71.9 million Twitter followers or 18,373,716 YouTube subscribers.

What’s more, the Shake It Off singer could open the casino industry to a new market, given her appeal to the younger female demographic.

Focusing on the fun and social aspects of visiting a casino would be the best strategy for bringing in those not long out of their teenage years.

Rachel Riley

An attractive celebrity and one who has a skillset or knowledge that ties in with a brand must be considered a ready-made winner for an advertising campaign. Few better tick this box in terms of casinos that Riley.

Riley positioned in the top 40 in the FHM 100 Sexiest poll in 2015 (Swift ranked 15th), but crucially is a whizz with numbers, as displayed on the UK game show Countdown.

The maths graduate could sell the statistical element of winning in the casino, whether it be at the blackjack tables or on the roulette wheels.

Harry Clayton

Regular watchers of Sky 1 would have witnessed the launch of a new series already in 2016, with the first season of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man underway.

The series revolves around police inspector Clayton, who is also a bad gambler until receiving a lucky charm of a bracelet that helps him to control luck.

Luck is a useful tool in the casino and a cool visual advert could be witnessed with Clayton highlighting numerous unexpected items that the general public could identify as their lucky charms.

Equally, an advert could play on people having lucky numbers. A winning roulette bet directly on a single number pays out at 35/1.

Colin Follenweider

Casino visitors need an element of luck if they are to leave a casino in profit. What they also need is the willingness to take the odd risk or two, whether it be hitting for another card at blackjack when holding 17 or upping the stake of a roulette bet on red when the last three spins have all landed on a black number.

A famous businessman such as Richard Branson or Bill Gates could work to promote this aspect of winning in a casino, as most would have benefited from a risky or brave decision or two in building their empires.

Famous stunt personnel are also regular risk takers, with Follenweider a regular on sets of the biggest film franchises in recent years, including Avatar, Spider-Man and Transformers.

He can also count the likes of Bruce Willis and Daniel Craig among the actors he has doubled for. A great advert linking a big stunt to a casino would almost certainly be memorable.

Idris Elba

When Craig calls time on his stint as James Bond, Elba is considered to be among the frontrunners to not only replace him, but become the first black 007.

Bond obviously is no stranger to stepping foot inside a casino and winning big and Elba is currently starring in TV adverts for Sky, promoting their Box Sets option, no doubt because of his starring role in the crime drama Luther.

Elba is the personification of coolness and any casino would love to give off this impression too.