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Casino jackpot put to good use to support Las Vegas victims


28 Mar 2018

On the majority of occasions when it becomes known that a person has come into a life-changing sum of money, they are typically bombarded from all angles with the question “what are you going to spend it on?”

Among the more standard replies are that debts will be paid off, an elite car will be purchased, the family will be treated or a luxurious holiday will be enjoyed. In some cases it could be all four of the above.

Others opt to make a charitable donation.

One casino jackpot winner has taken things multiple stages further by putting his winnings to good use to support those impacted by the greatest US tragedy of last year.

The incident

Approximately 22,000 concertgoers attended the Route 91 Harvest country music festival on the Las Vegas strip, running for three days between September 29th and October 1st.

On the last evening, Stephen Paddock opened fire at the crowd below for around 10 minutes from his hotel room, killing 58 people. A further 851 were injured, with over 400 suffering their injuries because of the gunfire.

Funding the mission

Tommy Maher is used to serving and making a difference in the lives of others through his role as a firefighter. He set out to visit the towns where each of the 58 victims lived and carry out an act of kindness in their name to honour them.

Funding the trip wouldn’t be easy. Luckily a visit to a casino as he was due to set off brought the kind of payday that his own act of generosity more than warranted.

Gut feeling is what is said to have not only lured Mr Maher into the Aqueduct Casino in New York, but also to take a seat at a penny slot machine situated near the entrance.

ABC News reports that his bankroll was around even after two hours of play, but having sat at the specific slot machine, within 10 minutes Mr Maher had triggered the jackpot.

The prize was $2,400 and added to the $7,200 that had been raised through a GoFundMe page started by a friend, his bankroll for the journey had been formed.

The Trip

Mr Maher’s trip lasted 18 days. In the beginning he was joined by his daughter and her friend, while for the last week his wife tagged along.

In his van, they drove from their starting spot in Long Island to the likes of Shippensburg in Pennsylvania to Bainbridge Island in Washington, to Paris in Tennessee. He completed the journey by boarding a plane to Alaska.

Every location he reached, something was done to make a difference to the lives of locals. These acts included taping envelopes to machines in laundrettes, leaving large tips in restaurants and handing out roses.

More poignant was the handing out of a bracelet, each engraved with the names of a victim. Alongside these 58 leather bracelets, another was also given out to represent the survivors and first responders.

In total, Mr Maher drove close to 10,000 miles and documented much of his journey on social media using the hashtag #Honor58.

Penny slots – betting the max

Although these are not specifically rules, there are certain strategies worth adopting to make the most of any play on a penny slot machine.

The first is to always bet the maximum lines, as this is typically a requirement if you wish to land a jackpot. However, it is not always necessary to bet the maximum number of coins on each line, which obviously keeps costs down for each spin.

One deciding factor on how much to stake on each line could be what is necessary to activate any bonus features. Qualifying for the likes of free spins, multipliers or bonus levels help ensure you get the most out of what a machine has to offer.

It will also pay to understand how the number of coins staked impacts upon payback percentage.

For example, a payout could be proportional if you stake one or two coins. This could be winning £100 for a one-coin wager and £200 if involving two coins.

Yet, the jump could be to £500 if you had been three coins and this additional payout could justify a decision to bet the max.

Obviously, when the max is bet, the more money you will have at risk and it is important to know your limits and not overbet your bankroll.

It is also important to know the individual features of the specific machine that you have chosen as each can be completely different, from the bonuses offered to the proportion of payouts.