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Casino games with the best House Edge


3 Aug 2019

When looking for the best online casino game to play, be sure to choose the one with the best house edge to improve your chances of winning!

The best house edge essentially means the ‘lowest’ and essentially the house edge refers to the casino having a certain level of advantage over a player according to the particular kind of game.

For players who only look to play games that have typically low edges, there are usually ones that they will stay away from due to being unlikely to win.

American or French Roulette

Originating in France before making a successful transition across the Atlantic where the game was tweaked, roulette is known for having one of the lowest house edges in the casino industry.

Wherever possible though, always try and play the French or European version over the American one, due to the fact that the house edge generally half that of the latter, which has both ‘zero’ and ‘double zero’ which decreases a player’s chance of winning.

If you do play American roulette though, it is always recommended to avoid the ‘top line bet’ because this counts the figures 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 paying out at 6/1 odds. While every other bet at the table features a house edge that is similar, this one is much less attractive in terms of the potential return which stands at eight percent compared to half that usually.

Roulette, like any game has it’s attractions and disadvantages which means that it may only appeal to some. There are a number of types of gambler; some like games where you can apply strategy while others prefer games of chance for their simplicity. This tends to fall into the latter category, due to it’s random gameplay mechanics.

Beating Blackjack?

A game which is one of the most popular casino games in the world for its easy to understand rules. Known by many different names including ‘21’, blackjack also has the advantage that it benefits from having one of the lowest house edges of any game in the casino world.

This is often the reason why many high rollers are found at blackjack tables for in excess of three hours at a time, because of the creative possibilities that it offers, such as being able to split a hand when you get a pair to increase your chances of winning.

If a player wagers £10 a time while playing blackjack for an hour, they would be expected to lose 50p on each bet, if they average 30 per hour and as such £15 would make up the house edge value irrespective of the prize pool.

Betting on Baccarat

Perhaps surprisingly, baccarat, or punto banco as it also known is the most popular game in the world and is especially played in China. Particularly played by the gambling elite and high rollers, the house edge in this game, while low is hard to understand – just like its rules!

Because the game of baccarat has three separate functions, it has three different house edges. These are the banker, player and tie bet, each different at any one time and while blackjack for example is vulnerable to card counting, only the best math geniuses in the world could come out on top in baccarat. 

It is one of the reasons why so many seasoned gamblers are drawn to the game – they see it as a challenge to try and do what very few others do. Win consistently while applying their own strategy, though by and large each play has a low house edge on average, regardless of whether the player is successful on every hand that they play.