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Capturing Generation Y – How Casinos Can Appeal to Young Adults

How can casinos improve their appeal to attract more Millenials.


11 Mar 2016

Those born within 20 years of the conclusion of World War II are often referred to as Baby Boomers, while if you are currently aged between 35 and 50, you hail from the Generation X demographic of society.

For those in the age range of being just out of their teenage years to being in their early 30s, the coined phrase is Generation Y.

Among the accusations thrust at this section of society is the need to have a smartphone on tap 24 hours each day, an incapability to commit and attitudes that are linked to eternal adolescence, which includes happily living with parents for far longer than previous generations.

If a young adult in Gen Y is asked to share their spaghetti bolognese, their first thought would be to add an image of it onto one of numerous social media accounts for friends or associates to see, rather than give a spoonful to someone else.

However, what strategies could casinos be adapting to appeal to such a demographic who are self-absorbed, want everything immediately and have little intention of saving for a rainy day?

Here are six steps that could be taken to encourage more such free spenders into a casino:

Electronic elements to casino games

The likes of Flappy Bird and Candy Crush had mass appeal among Generation Y, who, having grown up in a technological-expanding period, are most clued up on all things digital.

There is no reason that casino visitors couldn’t be asked to download an app upon casino entry, which could track numerous essentials of their gameplay, such as the number of hands they have played at blackjack or the last six winning numbers on a roulette wheel.

Such an app could also allow a player to reserve a seat at a table of a particular game, with some sort of signal given out when a space becomes vacant.

Charging facilities

Batteries are not always long lasting on current mobile phones and tablets, given the amount of information they hold, and playing games and streaming videos only run them down even faster.

Technological devices are generally discouraged at the casino tables out of fear that they could be used by players to gain an unfair advantage, but docking stations or charger cables could be made available as long as a phone is switched off.

It might seem strange, but a Generation Y individual would probably spend 20 minutes playing a slot or a couple of blackjack hands if they were getting their phone charged at the same time.

Different prizes

Most young adults in the current day and age want their 15 minutes of fame. The assortment of TV talent shows and different reality TV programmes only plays on this concept.

The prospect of turning chips into money is not the ultimate appeal for this group, who may be more overjoyed to win alcohol vouchers, spa treatments, items of jewellery, trendy headphones or tickets to Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, which they can then showcase on their social media channels.

Offering such prizes may also prove shrewd marketing from a casino, given how one Instagram image or Facebook post from a winner stating “Look what I just won at xx casino”, may cause hundreds of their friends and acquaintances to pay a visit in search of something similar.

Networking tables

Generation Y are never out of the habit of attempting to branch out their friendship groups further either, as they seek new interactions and networking opportunities.

Casinos could tap into this by effectively having what could be called ‘learner’ tables, where hands are played slowly so that rookies can develop their understanding of how certain games are played and what the rules are.

It is this lack of knowledge which may discourage newcomers from visiting a casino for fear of being shown up and looking out of place.


Photo booths have become especially hip additions to weddings in recent years, with guests able to let their hair down in the evenings by delving into a treasure chest of fancy dress items to have their pictures snapped.

A similar approach could work to increase playing time on themed slot machines. Dressing up as Darth Vader or Yoda to play a Star Wars slot could add a new dimension to the game and also encourage players to play for longer.

More spacious layouts

Casinos have traditionally been set up in a way to funnel players towards the gaming floor. The layout is often maze-like and confusing.

Such layouts can also create barriers for the convenience craved by Generation Y, who much prefer a more open-plan environment. The fact that so many houses are now open plan in terms of their kitchens, living areas and dining rooms being effectively one room is testament to this.