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Beyonce, Jay-Z, a $500 million giga-mansion and a casino


16 Feb 2018

What bigger name from the music world to include as part of the opening to a new entertainment resort, casino, hotel and spa than Beyonce.

This was the act announced by Revel in May 2012, when Beyonce took to the stage for four nights in her first concerts since giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy Carter only four months earlier.

‘Revel Presents: Beyonce Live’ may have been a success, with 5,500 fans turning up at the location’s Ovation Hall to watch the first night of performances. However, for the Atlantic City venue, this proved a rare highlight.

It closed just two years later and is yet to reopen again. Revel’s casino housed over 120 table games, over 2,500 slot machines and its own poker room. The gaming space totalled 130,000 square feet.

Jay-Z and poker

Beyonce is also no stranger to the odd flutter at the tables. Back in 2006, the former Destiny’s Child singer sat down with her husband Jay-Z and numerous other celebrities for Dewar’s 12 Texas Hold’em Charity Poker Tournament.

Jay-Z teamed up with Major League Baseball legend Alex Rodriguez to host the celebrity poker event and it is the rapper who has shown greater gusto than his wife to spend time on the gaming floor.

His love of poker goes beyond the hosting of celebrity and charity tournaments, with speculation suggesting that he once lost $500,000 in a single poker hand, raising with a pair of queens but being beaten by a flush.

Music videos

Meanwhile, it is not uncommon to see some poker hands feature within some of Jay-Z’s music videos.

Around the same time that he was playing in the above-mentioned charity tournament, Jay-Z also released his ninth studio album – Kingdom Come.

The first release off this album was ‘Show Me What You Got’, with the theme of its music video being famous scenes from within James Bond films.

This included car races (GoldenEye), boat chases (The World Is Not Enough) and some high stakes gambling (Casino Royale).

Although Bond’s preferred casino game was Chemin De Fer, which we delved into in more detail previously, Jay-Z appeared to be playing poker and winning with a hearts royal flush when showing an ace.

Fast forward three years and Jay-Z released another album called ‘The Blueprint 3’. The first release from this album was D.O.A, standing for Death of Auto-Tune.

This time the poker game takes place within an Italian restaurant, where he takes on a chef and a celebrity guest in the form of veteran actor Harvey Keitel.

The architect

Where Jay-Z and Beyonce may not have expected to generate links with casinos is through the architect of their house.

As recently as last year, the power couple, who have a combined net worth of over $1 billion according to Forbes magazine, purchased a two-acre hillside estate in the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Bel Air.

They bought the property for $88 million, with some of its significant features being the inclusion of four outdoor swimming pools, a garage large enough to house 15 cars, a full-sized basketball court and 30,000 square feet of living space.

The designer behind the mansion was Dublin-born Paul McClean, who is developing the reputation of being the Los Angeles king of giga-mansion design.

His latest design project is on track to be the most ambitious yet.

‘The One’

Due to hit the market this spring is a mansion that if sold for its $500,000,000 asking price will be the most expensive ever bought in the world.

‘The One’ will span over 100,000 square feet, featuring 20 bedrooms, a nightclub with VIP seating, a Monaco-style casino and what is described as “almost every amenity available in the world”, according to owner and real estate developer Nile Niami.

Niami had originally bought the house for a relatively cheap $28 million in 2012, before deciding to gut the original mansion and start again.

Monaco casinos

Monaco may be the world’s second-smallest country, but virtually everything about it relates to status and wealth.

Head into a casino and expect soaring chandeliered ceilings, various sculptures and an interior that is opulent and lavish.

In terms of games, it is those of a table variety that may differ somewhat to what many casino are familiar with.

A European roulette wheel only has a single 0, instead of both a 0 and a 00. This reduces the casino’s house edge to 2.7%. Other differences between the two wheels can be learned about here.

A more unfamiliar game is Trente et Quarante, which is a 17th century card game pretty much limited to French casinos nowadays.

As a general guide, the dealer deals two rows of cards, one known as red and the other as black. Players bet on which row will end up scoring the lowest, with all cards scoring their pip value and picture cards worth 10.