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Bellagio Breakdown: What to expect at the World’s most Exclusive Resort


3 Jul 2019

Arguably the flagship of the strip, the Bellagio was able to easily steer itself through rough waters even in the most turbulent of times, thanks to a number of impressive unique selling points and the ability to attract the kind of clientele most hotels could only dream of.

Stellar entertainment venue

Set both spectacularly and cleverly beyond the backdrop of a medley of synchronised fountains which dance gracefully up and down every 15 minutes, there is certainly no doubting the knowledge behind the planning of this box office entertainment venue.

Continuing on this theme of majestic magnificence, it is obvious to those who pay attention. The Bellagio doesn’t do what everyone else is doing, nor is it interested. This place is the stately home of hotels on the strip, with art at its very core.

None more is this obvious from the interior roof of its indoor garden; a translucent treat in the form of vibrant painted flowers by artist Dale Chihuly – a composition known commonly in art circles as the Fiori di Como, there really is no glass ceiling to the Bellagio.

If the Bellagio is to be accused of anything, then it would be going against the status quo. Where other hotels in Las Vegas try and shout the loudest and bare all, with their strip shows, magic events and plastic pyramids, to the passer by, the Bellagio is a subtle mystery, veiled with intrigue and perhaps the biggest illusion.

Able to enchant each guest with elegance at every turn, even its retail therapy options look down mockingly, with boutiques such as Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Prada and Valentino all strategically chosen to fit in with the Bellagio’s focus on rarity. If it could house a car dealership, you would expect to find Ferrari.

An ideal hotel for lovers of the finer things in life, as a guest, you can enjoy original masterpieces by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Henri Matisse and Vincent van Gogh in the distinguished Picasso restaurant.

Nothing like the norm

While Las Vegas is typically known for its party lifestyle, gimmicky drinking spots and screaming cliche entertainment, the Bellagio appears to be almost proud of detaching itself from that, instead offering guests pure sophistication with its drinking establishments which whisper with caution.

Even the names suggest exclusivity – the ‘Baccarat Bar’ and ‘Petrossian’ both of which are open  24 hours and cater for particularly distinguished palates boast some of the finest single malt whiskey in the world, while Hyde ‘nightclub’ overlooks the irrepressible fountains and lake beyond. To enjoy ultimate opulence, head to Lily Bar and Lounge with panoramic views of the casino floor and imported Spanish stone tabletops along with a master mixologist.

The botanical gardens and conservatory offer peace and tranquility and the chance to appreciate breathtaking brilliance unfolding before your eyes as 120 horticulture staff maintain an area of 14,000 square feet of rare Japanese plants and flowers which celebrate all four seasons and of which 90 percent are recycled.

The casino boasts a sensational array of slots, table games and staff of the highest quality as well as an exclusive poker room named after the late Bobby Baldwin – a revered poker player and as such an experience that is highly sought-after.

A resort that will continue to make waves, the Bellagio is the Titanic of the strip but with one difference; as past events have shown; this is unsinkable.