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A Personal Experience With Mr Green

Every now and again, in any industry, problems arise but it is how these problems are dealt with that are a massive tell of a business. Mr Green offer impressive Customer Service and here I tell my story.


7 Jun 2016

One of my personal favourite online casinos is Mr Green and you will often find me there spinning the reels of the latest slot addition or trying my luck on some of the old favourites.

On Bank Holiday Monday (31st May) I was logged in enjoying a little free time with my £50 budget and the slot of choice was Cloud Quest. I’d been playing a bet of £1 and had increased my balance to about £100 so I upped the bet to £2.

A few spins later and it looked as though Lady Luck had sat next to me because all the symbols cleared revealing a win of £1,007! If you have ever played Cloud Quest from Play N’Go then you’ll know that clearing down the symbols to reveal the words BONUS starts the bonus.

So, not only had I won £1,007 on the base game, but I also had the bonus round to play. That wasn’t quite as lucrative and revealed just a £34 win.

It All Went Pete Tong With Mr Green

It was then that the error messages started showing, messages telling me that the game would update in a moment, that there was a technical issue.

From experience, I know that sometimes online casinos do suffer technical problems and it’s sometimes best to give support a quick call or contact Live Help.

I chose the former and spoke to a lovely chap called Steve who suggested I close my Safari browser and open the site in Firefox after clearing my cache. This I did but my balance remained at the £70+ that was there before my big win.

As you can imagine, I was a little concerned at this point but Steve was very helpful and assured me that the matter would be resolved. He informed me that an email would be sent and asked that I provide the information required.

At this point he credited my account with a £10 bonus as a gesture of goodwill and for my patience in regard to the matter.

Mr Green Investigate

The email arrived and required information like the game name, the game ID (which I didn’t have), the time of the issue, which browser I was using and a brief description of the problem.

The following day I had called to enquire as to why my balance had increased, not by the expected £1,041, but by £2.21. I was informed that the matter had been looked into and my original bet returned with my winnings of 21p!

As you can imagine, I was pretty annoyed by this point and whilst I managed to refrain from turning the air blue, I may have been less than polite with Charlie who had taken my call.

However, whilst my manner was probably far from friendly, Charlie maintained a professional and courteous tone and like Steven before him, assured me that he would escalate the matter and have it investigated once again.

We were now at Wednesday and Charlie once again thanked me for my patience and assured me someone would revert back to me by Thursday.

Great Job Mr Green!

Midday Thursday and I thought I would call again. I spoke to yet another Customer Support operator, sadly I can’t recall his name, and he told me that the results of the investigation by Play N’ Go were currently being reviewed by management and someone would telephone me shortly.

A couple of hours later and a young lady called and after the usual security checks informed me that my win had been found!

From what I can gather, the original investigation had been done an hour ahead of my win (something to do with time differences maybe) and on looking at my case again, the win was found and my account credited accordingly.

Because the win was on Monday and we were on Thursday before the money hit my Mr Green account, the casino processed my withdrawal instantly and the money was in my bank within two days!

Thank You Mr Green

Online casinos, like any services that use technology, can suffer issues that result in this sort of problem. Although this is the first time it has ever happened to me, it will have happened to other players at some point in their playing history.

It can be upsetting and infuriating, it certainly was for me but the reason I have taken the time to write this article is because of the way I was treated by all of the Customer Service team that I dealt with at Mr Green.

When I was shouting, when I was inconsolable, when I was just a player and not a content writer, they treated me with understanding, respect and courtesy even when, at times, I would have put the phone down on me!

Yes, I got the result I was after, but despite the range of emotions that I felt on the journey, Mr Green and their team did a sterling job and I wanted to give them a virtual pat on the back.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and thank you for resolving things in such a pleasant and professional manner.