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A day in the life of a Casino Manager


21 May 2019

Fancy a challenging career in hospitality? Look no further and explore a future as a casino manager today, though first check out what they really do just to be sure this exciting opportunity is for you!

While the gambling industry isn’t for everyone, it certainly suits a wide number of people, with many of the varying roles having a wide range of transferable skills that can be applied to any number of other things.

So what route do you take to become a casino manager?

As the name suggests, they basically ensure everything runs smoothly on the gaming floor! Also known as a ‘pit boss’, the casino manager oversees other staff members customer satisfaction, health and safety, events, logistics, finance and even security.

While it may seem easy to become the manager of a casino, like in any industry, you will have to start at the bottom. In such a convoluted sector, it is important to learn it inside out and as such, it is not unheard to even start as part of the bar staff.

More than likely though, anyone thought to be pursuing a career in casino management will start off as a dealer of one particular game and become proficient in that, understanding what to look for and player behaviour. This itself requires large levels of concentration and a particular comprehension of mathematics.

Then you will generally become a dual rate dealer/supervisor where you will be tested on your ability to both deal and drift between tables, keeping an eye on everything. This can often be one of the most challenging jobs.

A casino supervisor is more or less one rung below casino manager, which requires you to look after a number of tables, depending on the size of the casino and can be particularly challenging.

Theresa LeaVerenz, who is a Pit Supervisor for one of the major casinos on the Las Vegas strip said, highlighting the importance of attitude while on the job: “If I arrive in a bad mood, by the end of the day the dealers will be drained, and the customers will not be having a good time. So, instead, I’m constantly the cheerleader.”

She continued: “I think that anyone who wants in on management should take classes in gaming management. Right now I’m taking one at the University of Nevada in Reno. It helps me understand why we do what we do and what goes on. We learn about potential cheaters, how to interact with customers, and management skills.”

The biggest skill in a casino managers toolbox

While strong management skills are a given for any casino manager as well as great people skills, at the end of the day, the casino manager is charged ultimately with making sure that the casino turns a profit.

It means that undoubtedly, one of the most important skills is their ability to be able to count cards and know within minutes if a customer is, just based on their playing style or behaviours.

One Las Vegas-based ‘insider’ said: “Most casinos will make sure you can count cards before you are a Pit. Floor Supervisors aren’t required to know it. As a Pit, you should be able to watch a guy play one shoe and figure out if he’s counting or not.

“We honestly let most “card counters” play without any hassle because they are bad at it. If someone is really good, we will back them off from playing blackjack or even escort them off the property.”

While running a casino may seem glamorous, it is always worth making sure that you are prepared for the journey and countless days of long hours, irregular shift patterns, though if it is the career for you, it can be rewarding!