Tablet Casinos

Tablet casino apps let you install your favourite casino directly on to your tablet (providing it’s compatible with the app, and has internet access, of course).


Like smartphone apps, they make use of your tablet’s web access – whether cabled or wireless, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi – to load casino games to play either just for fun, or for real money.

Some apps can be installed on both smartphones and tablets, and these can give you a consistent interface and gaming experience, whereas others are designed especially for the features of tablets.

Either way, installing an app can feel somehow more secure than typing your banking details into a mobile casino website, while updating the app can make sure you always have access to the latest new games.

What’s available?

888 Mobile Casino

As with smartphone apps and instant-play HTML5 mobile casino sites, the choice available for tablets has grown rapidly in recent years, and although there might not be quite as many slots titles, for example, in general you should feel as though you have a complete casino offering available to you.

Look out also for the ‘just for fun’ types of apps, as there are plenty of these around; they often come with a very stripped-down version of true casino gameplay, not to mention it being impossible to win real money on most of them.

There’s also the option of visiting an HTML5 casino just in your tablet’s web browser, and if you want a familiar web-like interface, rather than a standalone app designed to make use of gestures like shaking or tilting your tablet, then this is a good compromise.

What’s the difference?

You might think a smartphone app and a tablet app are the same thing – and it’s true to say they sometimes are, as some casinos send you the same app no matter what device you’re installing it on to.

But if you can find a true tablet app, designed especially for tablet specifications, then your overall gaming experience is likely to be better.

That’s because tablets are bigger, meaning there’s more screen space for the graphics – and no need to trim everything down as much as it takes to fit it on to a smartphone screen.

You might also find certain differences in the interface, for instance due to the greater chance that a tablet will be used flat in the owner’s lap, or flat on a table, rather than being hand-held like a smartphone usually is.

Where to play?

William Hill Mobile Casino

888 were one of the first to offer a real-money iPad app, and they continue to provide good options for tablet users, including the 888poker iPad Poker App for UK players, if cards are your thing.

The 888casino Android app also gets good reviews from players in general, and like any well-supported app, its selection of games has grown over time to become a more fully fledged casino offering.

Finally, look out for William Hill’s various apps for iOS and Android – these too are generally positively reviewed, and with several apps to choose from, you should be able to find one with the selection of games that you want.