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  • SuperCasino is a Big-Name Player with TV Tie-Ins
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SuperCasino is one of the UK’s best-known casino brands, not just because of the website but because of its live television broadcasts and sponsorship of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother. Live roulette is televised on Channel 5 every night, as well as being available in the afternoons on Sky TV – and often the broadcast is simulcast across other TV channels in 5’s network too.

On the website, the choice of games is of course much more extensive, with slots and card games alongside roulette, and the live televised games are integrated alongside all of the usual big-name jackpot slots you’d expect to see on a good-quality online casino website. You can search for your favourite game just by typing into the search box, or list all of the roughly 150 titles – complete with updated progressive jackpots – and take your pick from there.

The selection of bonuses and promotions is good – very good for newcomers, in fact – and if you first discover SuperCasino via the TV there’s also the chance of grabbing an extra one-off special offer if you register while the live shows are broadcasting. Even if not, there are layered first-timer promos that we’ll detail below, which give you a good opportunity to maximise your benefit when you first start playing there.

For those of us with a short attention span, there’s also the SuperCasino Vegas Collection – this intriguing innovation has its own tab in the site’s navigation, and features an ‘editor’s choice’ of games that are subject to change at any given moment, supposedly in homage to the fact that no two visits to Las Vegas are ever quite the same.

Payouts & Promos

As we’ve already mentioned, the selection of bonuses and promotions on offer at SuperCasino is good, even if you don’t get on one of the one-off TV-based special offers. When the live shows are off-air, you can still get a £10 free no deposit bonus. You’ll also get a welcome bonus of up to £400 – and best of all, you get both of these bonuses, not just one or the other.

There are also regular cash and prize giveaways, further bonuses on subsequent deposits and a tiered, invitation-only VIP club that will allow you to unlock more benefits if you become a long-term loyal player.

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Plenty of Games

Any online casino is only as strong as its games selection, and with about 150 titles to choose from, the hand-curated Vegas Collection and, of course, the televised live roulette games, SuperCasino delivers in abundance.

Best of all, games with a progressive jackpot show the running total as part of their icon in the various index pages of the website, so you can easily choose one with big money on offer, if you wish.

This is also true within the Vegas Collection itself, so if you want to, you can list only the progressive jackpot titles from those shortlisted for this ever-changing part of the SuperCasino site.


Live Games

SuperCasino is of course a little different from most ‘live’ online casinos, as in this case there is a good chance that you’re watching the dealer spin the roulette wheel on your TV, rather than via webcam.

As such, it’s little surprise that there’s a dedicated Live tab in the main navigation, making it even easier than most other sites to get straight to these games with the minimum of fuss.

The unusual consequence of this is that you can actually watch yourself play on the TV – and with each spin of the wheel, if you are a winner, there’s a good chance the presenter will read out your name and how many chips you have just won.

Big-Money Jackpots


We’ve mentioned the jackpots up above, but they’re worth a second look – running totals appear on games’ tiles in the index, and there are also separate tabs to list only games with progressive jackpots available, so again reaching the game you want should always be a matter of just a click or two.

Expect to see plenty of Marvel-themed slots among the biggest jackpots available at any given time – we counted 16 last time we looked, all tied into the same Marvel progressive jackpot worth over a quarter of a million pounds to the winner.

On the Move

Out and about? Make sure to install the SuperCasino app before you leave home, and you should be able to keep playing on an iPhone, iPad or Android device without any problems – look for the download links on the homepage or search the relevant app store.

SuperCasino is especially good at consistent branding, and you’ll find this is true of the mobile app as well – you should be able to log in with your existing account details without any problems, and play along with the live games too, perfect for 21st century technophiles who love to watch TV with a second screen cradled in their palm.