Sky Vegas

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  • Sky Vegas boasts big-time promotions and welcome bonuses.
Sky Vegas Screenshot

Sky Vegas is just one part of the BSkyB online community of gambling sites, along with Sky Bet for sportsbook wagering, Sky Casino which takes care of the Live Casino and table games, and the fairly self-explanatory Sky Poker and Sky Bingo. So you’d think it’s in safe hands in terms of design.

But it may be a victim of its own success, with some links redirecting you to completely different Sky websites depending on the type of game you want to play. Due to so many of links opening in new windows, you can quickly be left with a desktop full of pop-ups that still haven’t taken you to where you wanted to be.

In contrast – and more on this below – the actual navigation of Sky Vegas itself is not bad. The list of links gets unwieldy when you expand the bigger sections, but the A-Z of games and Search results pop up in a grid without taking you away from the page you’re on, and this alone is a glimpse into how streamlined the site could be if it was built as new from scratch.

Linked Promos

Sky Vegas promotion

As you might expect from a brand like Sky, there’s good links between the promotions on Sky Vegas and the broadcaster’s other properties. For example, visit the Promotions page and you’ll be encouraged to earn free wagers on Sky Bet, or join in special betting offers on the weekend’s football fixtures.

But there’s also plenty of specifically Sky Vegas offers too, from the welcome bonus (£10 just for signing up, 200% up to £1,000 on first deposit) to month-long competitions and themed promotions. Just a word of warning on the £1,000 of free credit – it’s one of the biggest single payouts you’re likely to see on first deposits, but it comes with punishing playthrough requirements, so to claim the full amount as real cash, you’ll have to wager at least £25,000 on the site.

Games at a Glance

On a website where nearly all of the support links open in pop-up windows, one place where Sky Vegas gets its navigation spot-on is its Games list. On any main page of the site, type into the search box and you’ll get an instant grid of results without having to navigate to a different page. Click the A-Z button and you’ll get a complete list of games, with links to begin playing or to find out more info – and again, this A-Z listing loads without having to leave the page you’re on.

Suited and Booted

Sky Vegas live casino

In this sense, ‘booted’ doesn’t mean wearing your shiniest shoes for a high-class casino experience – it means that when you click on the Live Casino link on Sky Vegas, you’ll find yourself kicked off of the site and sent over to Sky Casino instead. Like almost every other link on the Sky Vegas website, this opens in a new window, which does little to help the feeling of a smooth transition between the two.

Once there though, you’ll find a decent selection of live dealer games, including Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Casino Hold’em. It’s the usual choice, and you’ll need to have a funded account in order to enter the live dealer rooms at all, so there’s not much chance to preview before you are seated and placing your first bet.

Reclusive Jackpots

Finding a progressive jackpot game can be a bit of a challenge – there’s no clear listing of these, they’re mostly just buried in amongst the rest of the titles. As Sky point out in their support pages, many of the progressive jackpot titles on the site are exclusive, but some are shared across other casino sites too, so it’s not like you can just look for familiar (or unfamiliar) titles in order to work out what’s a jackpot slot and what’s not.

There are a few options, though – simply type ‘jackpot’ or ‘progressive’ into the search box and you’ll immediately get a grid of matching results, showing you any game that has the word in its title or description. If that’s still a bit hit and miss, scroll down and look at the right-hand side of the screen, and there should be a list of the biggest jackpots currently available on the site. It’s sorted according to jackpot size, so the games listed there will change all the time, but it’s the single best way to find the big money on Sky Vegas.

A Mobile Maze

Sky Vegas mobile

Trying to get to Sky Vegas on a mobile device can be challenging – links lead back to themselves, FAQ pages are missing, and the support pages that are there contradict each other.

However, if you’re an iOS user you should be able to find the app quite easily – and you’re in luck, because the link to the App Store from the Sky Vegas desktop site is one of the few links that actually works – but if you’re on any other platform it could be hit and miss.