Four Overlooked Tips for Surviving a Las Vegas Getaway

Las Vegas sign

Whether it’s for a stag or hen party, a quick business trip mixed with some downtime or a couple of days away with a partner, there is ultimately always too much to do in Las Vegas within the time parameters of the length of a stay.

The general way around this is for visitors to cram in as much as possible, adopting the attitude that sleep is for wimps and something that can be made up on either a flight home or once returning to the comfort of their own bed.

However, such a strategy is not the best way to make the most of an exhausting visit to Vegas. By following these four often overlooked snippets of advice, the trip has every opportunity to be regarded as an even greater success:

Pace yourself

Gambling in the early evening and then clubbing until the sun rises is a popular line of attack, but the end result of such a tactic will be burnout before the conclusion of the stay.

Sticking to some type of sleeping schedule is essential to fitting in everything.

This may only need to be four or five hours from 5am to 10am, with another 60-minute nap in the early evening, but this will help visitors stay the distance.

The big mistake is to go overboard with excitement on the first night’s arrival, lapping up all that Vegas has to offer. Pulling an early all-nighter means a person is constantly playing catch-up for the remainder of their stay, with a hangover never truly being recovered from.

Assess what you are in Vegas for

Some come purely for the gambling, some want to run riot in the clubs, others may want to take in a spot of sightseeing and view the nearby Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon, some may even want to experience all of this, alongside a bit of sun-worshipping at the pool.

It’s easy to forget that gambling is on tap for 24 hours and there will always be an attractive party to attend. Skipping the odd visit or session at the tables is not the end of the world. Equally, it often makes sense to save any gambling plans for the evening, with casinos buzzing with more action, personalities and atmosphere at this time of day.

Obviously, many Vegas visitors will have similar agendas, meaning they will also be booking their trips in the mid-afternoon sun or racing down to the most sought-after pool spots after an early breakfast. It may take some organisation to secure a good position by the pool or a place on a desirable expedition.

Eating and drinking

Alongside sleep, the body needs energy to be able to burn the candle at both ends and maintain a busy Vegas lifestyle. Cold room service, unhealthy snacks, cheap burgers and chips or a collection of energy drinks are unable to do the trick.

The Vegas Strip is well stocked with expensive eateries and dining can end up being a costly exercise that many are prepared to avoid in favour of other things.

However, coupons are readily available in Vegas supplying restaurant discounts, while places off the Strip tend to supply cheaper good-quality food. There are the buffets within the casino venues too where people are able to fill themselves to the point of bursting.

Drinks are not always cheap either, especially for those wanting water or cocktails around the pools. It may sometimes prove cost effective to head for the penny slot machines, play slowly and wait to get approached by a cocktail waitress.

The amount lost gambling and the tip given to a waitress is likely to be less than the pool prices.


Running out of capital is one way a Vegas visit may be over before time is truly up and alongside extravagant eating costs, another possible money-wasting activity could be travelling.

Walking the Strip is obviously the cheapest way, but the crowded nature of the pavements and the four-mile distance from one end to the other is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Queuing for the shuttle can be another unproductive use of time, while taxi drivers are considered to be prone to taking advantage of a visitor’s lack of knowledge and direction to bump up fares.

Using the buses that run a few times an hour and stop at the majority of the casinos on the Strip are perhaps most cost effective, although they do seem to stop constantly.

A sensible Vegas day would involve getting up at around 9am, grabbing a quick breakfast including plenty of water and fluid intake, laying in some sun for a few hours, heading off for an afternoon activity, eating lunch at around 3pm, returning to the room for a nap, awaking again at about 6pm, having an evening meal, visiting a casino at about 9pm, moving onto a club and then climbing back into bed for 4am.