Are You ‘The Player’ At Genting Casino?

Genting Casino advert

It was only recently that reported on the latest advertising campaign from Sky Vegas, but today the focus is on looking at another television commercial – this time from Genting Casino.

What seems to be quite similar with both of the adverts is just how dark they are. They differ so much from the commercials for online bingo or one of the lotteries and you have to wonder if this is because they are predominately aimed at men?

Genting Casino Commercial Storyboard

As the advert for Genting Casino starts you are shown a man in profile as he speaks of ‘imagining every scenario’. The scene changes to a deck of cards being shuffled before it is back to the star of the commercial.

He continues by saying ‘ every twist’ as the four of hearts is laid on the 10 of spades (blackjack) and ‘every turn’ as a roulette table turns.

As he rolls a poker chip over his fingers he talks of ‘each possibility and all probability’.

“Chance, it is only part of it. Whether I win or lose, it is not the result that defines me. It is how I play the game’.

At this point a female voice tells of the Genting Casino bonus that is currently offered. The £10 free offer is the main focus, an offer that we covered when in a recent article that you can read here.

Advert From Genting Casino On YouTube

If you have not yet seen the advert on television, simply click the image below to view:

I was interested to read the summary posted with the clip on YouTube. Posted by Genting Casino it says ‘With over 50 years experience running casinos worldwide, we know what a player like you is really looking for in an online casino’.

As a female casino player, the advert did nothing to attract my attention so sadly Genting Casino, you don’t know what I am looking for from an online casino!

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