Operators Fight for Leeds Casino Licence

The council deciding who gets to build a Vegas-style casino in Leeds...

The fight to win a licence for a Las Vegas style casino in Leeds is still continuing and the battle seems to be getting even more intense.

The original deadline for proposals for the project was to be received by Leeds City Council by 26th April 2012. 5 bidders were announced; Leeds United, Rushbond, Grosvenor, London Clubs and Global.

Rushbond and Grosvenor pulled out in November and the council was expected to make a decision on the remaining 3 applications, by May this year. However, the decision of who gets awarded the licence could be delayed by up to a year, after one of the bids believed to be from Global, has been revised and re-submitted just a few weeks ago.

If it is true the new bid from Global Gaming Ventures, would have to be re-considered by the council licensing committee at their next meeting, currently scheduled to take place this week. The amended application from Global would locate the casino in the same place as before, the new Eastgate Quarters Development, although the impact on the city is still under debate.

When questioned the council refused to comment on the situation, simply stating that they were not able to as the bidding was ‘an ongoing statutory process’.

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