One Night – Two Big Winners at William Hill Vegas

William Hill jackpot winners

One night last month at William Hill Vegas proved to be particularly fruitful for not just one player, but two. According to the site’s “Vegas Winners” page, almost £1,000,000 was won between the two members on Tuesday 17th February 2015 after they played on two separate games.

Rakeem chose to take a spin on a popular game called Super Deluxe Diamonds, and took home £276, 662 as a result. Meantime, a player called Antony tried his luck on William Hill’s exclusive Worms Vegas Millions game, and ended up with a gigantic haul of £657,508 from a spin of just £2.

While no-one else came close to achieving quite the same level of success the same night, there was one other player who also appeared on the Winners list on 17th February 2015. A member called Fady won £5,927 on the Lucky Duck slot – a game which also proved fortuitous for many of his fellow players the week before his win. First, Steven netted £17.7k on 10th February, swiftly followed by two wins from Bruno of £5.l6k and £8.3k on 13th February. Julie and Neil then scooped £11.3k and £8.6k respectively while playing Lucky Duck on 16th February.

You can find out the current values of the Vegas Millions PJPs by visiting the Jackpots page at William Hill Vegas.

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