Mega Moolah Jackpot of £13.2m Drops At Betway Casino

Jon Heywood

If you’re an avid casino player then the chances are you will have, at some point, spun the reels of the Mega Moolah slot.

You’ll have sat hoping that it’s you that the random bonus wheel comes up for and even more importantly, that the needle lands on the solitary Mega area of the wheel.

For a soldier from Crewe in Cheshire, that is exactly what happened when he played at Betway Casino! He landed himself a jackpot of £13,213,838.68 from a 25p spin of the Mega Moolah reels.

Jon Heywood is 26 years old and whilst serving as a soldier, he has toured in Afghanistan.

Betway Casino Winner Spending Plans

You can imagine his joy at winning, a change in mood for this chap after he lost his grandfather earlier in the year and whose father is awaiting a heart and lung transplant.

Some of the money he has won is earmarked to provide his father with the best possible medical treatment but also, Jon has his eye on a luxury car for himself. A Bentley Continental GT is at the top of his shopping list.

Speaking of his win, he is reported as saying

It hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I have won all this money. It’s great and the first thing I’ll be spending on is the best possible medical treatment for my dad.

For me, that’s most important thing. If it meant my dad would be healthy again, I would give all of the money back.

Other plans for the money include taking his relatives away on a Mediterranean cruise!

Betway Casino Quote

A spokesman for Betway Casino, Alan Alger, said:

We’re over the moon for Jon, he is such a genuine guy and we know his family are going to benefit immensely from the money.

Recording Breaking Win

The biggest slot jackpot win previously was in Finland in 2013 and worth 17,861,813 euros but with the exchange rate in the pounds favour, the Betway Casino win on Mega Moolah topped the previous record coming in at €17,879,645.12.

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