Hills ad banned for suggesting that gambling’s sexy

Having already recently complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about an allegedly-saucy Wink Bingo ad featuring the semi-naked Dream Idols, the members of GRASP (the Gambling Reform and Society Perception Group) have now sunk their teeth into William Hill’s latest TV ad.

The group (along with one other viewer) says the advert links gambling to seduction, and it seems as though the ASA agree.

The ad started with a close-up of a model opening her eyes, before the camera panned down her chest to reveal a roulette wheel, a stack of gambling chips, and a pack of playing cards, accompanied by a voice-over encouraging viewers to “experience a live casino like no other.” The creative also featured several female croupiers wearing sexy basques and male dealers wearing smart suits.

Whilst William Hill was quick to state that the dress-code used was “tasteful and professional”, the ASA were more concerned with the “signal of attraction” intimated by the close-up of the model’s eyes looking deep into the camera, as well as the choice to pan the camera down to “sensual areas” of the female dealer’s body. The Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the William Hill ad linked gambling to seduction and ruled that it must not appear again in its current form.

Judge it for yourself below…

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