Gamblers Urged to Give Winnings to Church

Justin Welby faces the press

The new Archbishop of Canterbury has asked for gamblers who won money by betting on him to giveaway their winnings.

Following the confirmation that he would take over as the senior bishop, Justin Welby, currently Bishop of Durham, posted a message regarding the subject of betting on Twitter.

He Tweeted: “Thought in the night, those who made money betting on me give it to their local church! I suspect it was less than papers suggest.”

Ladbrokes confirmed that they only paid out around £2,000 on the Archbishop of Canterbury market while William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe had a few tongue in cheek comments about the whole affair.

He said: “Heavens above, this isn’t the first time that such a gamble has paid off, so it isn’t a holy unexpected outcome!”

Sharpe also referred to the large volume of bets that were placed on Welby to be appointed in the role shortly before it was made official. After originally being priced at 10/1, the odds on Welby were slashed to 4/6 favourite with suggestions being made that someone at the Church of England had leaked information.

Speaking about the bets that were made on him at a community event, Welby said: “It’s a very strange feeling when you find yourself having odds quoted on you at a bookie. Generally speaking I am not a horse – I think that’s a really important point to get across.”

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