Family Guy Lands At Mr Green

Family Guy Slot From IGT "I Can Gamble In My Underwear!"

If you’re a fan of the popular adult animation series featuring a talking dog called Brian, then you’re going to love the latest addition to the suite of games at Mr Green.

Family Guy is a new slot created by IGT and features all of your favourite characters across the five reels.

There are 30 paylines and an array of different bonuses that make this game a slot lovers dream, even if they’re not a Family Guy fan.

World Bonus On Family Guy

To activate the World Bonus when playing this slot at Mr Green or any other casino that offers it, you have to spin in three of the World Bonus Symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4.

When this is done you then have Stewie asking you to Spin The Globe (whilst hurling abuse at you if you don’t do it quick enough).

You will then be allocated one of three bonus rounds.

Drunken Clam

This bonus was actually activated three times whilst playing.

For this bonus round you had to pick one of four characters sat in the bar. Each will reveal a win amount. You can choose Peter Griffin, Glenn Quagmire, Joe Swanson or Cleveland Brown.

Each character will be worth between 25x and 1000x your original coin bet.

You then have to choose one of five Patriot Ales, this adds more to the current win. These will be worth between 5x and 750x your coin bet, but you can reveal a Win All.

Then it is back to the characters, if your chosen one passes out, the round is over. If not, you have to choose another ale and so it continues until your chosen character does pass out.

If another character passes out before yours, you will be awarded a multiplier.

Family Guy - Drunken Clam Bonus

Who’ll Pass Out First In The Drunken Clam Bonus Round?

Chicken Fight

In our time playing, this bonus was not activated and as such, is explained from the information available under the ‘Paytable’.

You have to choose either Peter or the Chicken in this bonus round. There are three rounds to the fight and 1 or 7 picks are awarded per round.

You then have to choose sacks and these will reveal between 5x and 1000x your original bet.

For each round that a fighter wins, the multiplier increases as follows:

  • From 1x to 2x for first round win
  • From 2x to 3x for second round win
  • From 3x to 5x for third round win
Family Guy - Chicken Fight Bonus

Which came first? The Chicken or Peter Griffin?

Lois’ Hot Free Spins Bonus

In our time playing, this bonus was not activated and as such, is explained from the information available under the ‘Paytable’.

Initially you are given 10 free spins but if you spin in a Quagmire on reel three, you will get an extra five free spins.

When the free spins are in play, a Wild Peter on a Lois symbol will fill a heart next to the corresponding symbol on the screen. Get three on any symbol and this then becomes a wild.

Family Guy - Lois' Hot Free Spins

Lois Is Hot To Trot With Her Free Spin Bonus

Griffin Family Features

Every now and again you might find Lois walk on screen, she then activates a couple of symbols that if they appear, are worth a value she decides.

For example: Peter was worth £200.00 and Brain £65.00. Three Peters appeared on the reels after Lois had appeared earning a £600.00 win. (Please note: all wins were in freeplay mode).

Brian can also appear randomly and when he does, he can activate the World Bonus just by appearing once or twice on reel 2, 3 or 4.

When Stewie appears up to three wilds can appear on any reel.

If Peter turns up and let’s one go, a value of between 200x and 5000x the original bet is given.

Our Opinion Of The Family Guy Slot

This is a must spin game if you’re a massive fan of the Family Guy show and honestly, even if you aren’t, the bonus rounds and playability make it well worth a spin or two.

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