England Are Out But Intercasino Are Still on The Road to the Cup

Intercasino 'Score a Try' bonus

On Saturday 3rd October, England were knocked out of the Rugby World Cup following a 33-13 defeat by Australia.

We are all well aware that never in the history of the tournament has the host nation been out in the group stages but Intercasino are still on the Road To The Cup with a rugby-themed promotion.

It’s no consolation really but if you’re a winner in the £12,000 prize pool, it may soften the blow a little bit.

The Intercasino Cup

The top prize in the Intercasino cup is £5,000 and to win the trophy filled with the cash you have to top the leaderboard.

Five runners-up will earn receive £1,000 and then the remaining £2,000 of the prize pool will be allocated to 20 random players (£100 each) who have finished in the top 50.

To top the leaderboard you have to score RugbyPoints and you have until 31st October to earn as many as possible. You don’t even have to get into a scrum to score!

Scoring On The Intercasino Leaderboard

RugbyPoints are earned in the following ways:

  • Five points are awarded every time you claim a bonus* at Intercasino.
  • 10 points are given for picking the winner of a game.
  • One point is awarded for every £20 you wager.
  • Two points are given for every £5 that you deposit in the promotional period (17h September 18:00 to 31st October 2015 15:59).
  • 50 points if you use a bonus code posted on the Intercasino Facebook page.

*Bonus codes can be found in the My Account section of Intercasino

The current match schedule for the Rugby World Cup can be found on the special promotional page. We do suggest checking the Terms and Conditions of the promotion.

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