Casino Industry Making Changes to Suit Millennials Changing Tastes

Trends are always changing and it’s reported that Las Vegas, the home of the casino, is making changes due to the generational gap and this could have a knock on effect for online casinos too.

Las Vegas Image

There’s no denying that when many of us think of Las Vegas we picture old ladies with buckets full of change, trying their luck on the slots. However, this image of Las Vegas is particularly harmful for tourist numbers as Las Vegas loses its appeal for Millennials.

And it’s not just the casino either, during the 1950s, considered the heyday of Las Vegas, visitors would book a show, go and see the Rat Pack but this too doesn’t necessarily appeal to the younger crowd.

New Technology

Now it seems Vegas is responding to this problem to ensure the city will no longer be viewed as outdated. Out go the concerts and shows, in come the pool parties and night clubs, but it’s not just in the socialising and fun, the casino industry is also making changes and these changes are likely to also change trends in online casinos around the world.

Slots are fun, but recently we’ve seen the rise of eSports, and fantasy sports, which many are saying is the wave of the future of gaming. These eSports are massively popular with the Millennial generation and are likely to be rolled out at Vegas casinos in the near future.

There are also VR based games launching in casinos around the world. This is something we have already talked about at and it’s likely that virtual reality is to become a staple of the casino world, and with smartphone technology improving all the time, you can also expect this to be in your living room and on your phone pretty soon too!

Industry like life has to grow and evolve, or die and the casino industry is likely to be going through some big changes in the near future, and we’ll be bringing you the news of all of it here!

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