BetVictor Ad Complaint Not Upheld

BetVictor No Wrist Slap For BetVictor

In October last year BetVictor took to the television screens with an advert promoting their sports betting app, Lengthen The Odds.

A commercial shown in October 2016 featured two gentlemen at a horse race and it is this advert that attracted jut one complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

It is only one complaint that is needed to trigger an investigation by the ASA  and on this occasion, the complainant felt that the advert in question was misleading.

The BetVictor Commercial

The advert itself starts with two men at a horse race. One turns to the other and asks “Why would I ever use this lengthen the odds things?” referencing the app from BetVictor.

The other man responds by say “Well I could tell ya, but better a professor of probability explains it for me”. At this point the ad cuts to a smartly dressed man in a classroom. He continues by saying

Probability and form suggest that the favourite will win and because it’s so likely to happen the odds aren’t very exciting. But with BetVictor I can predict how many lengths it’s going to win by and increase the odds and the excitement.

He was shown using the app and the ad ended with text on screen that said “Lengthen the odds. Enhance your winnings.”

The Complaint Against BetVictor

The complainant felt the claim made by the professor that “Probability and form suggests that the favourite will win and because it’s so likely to happen” could not be substantiated and was misleading.

The ASA read the response from BetVictor, which can be read on the full adjudication here, and felt that the Lengthen The Odds app was accessible by consumers who wanted to better short odds by guessing how many lengths a horse that was favourite would win by.

They also took into account that the consumer would understand the text on screen to mean that the shorter odds given on a horse indicated that the bookmaker and consumers favourite was likely to win the race rather than it being a foregone conclusion.

As a result of all of this, the complaint was not upheld.

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