Betfred Cruises Ad Airs

Betfred Cruises Go Cruising With Betfred

Betfred are now back on the small screen selling their wares to television viewers and in their commercial they invite you on board Betfred Cruises.

The opening scene of the new Betfred Cruises advert sees you being welcomed aboard and told that their destination is gaming.

It’s not your modern floating casino but instead, you are transported back to Titanic times when you look at the attire of people on board.

The Older Generation Get Involved At Betfred

The first couple that we see sat having high tea on the high seas are certainly quite a bit older than your average online casino player. They look like octogenarians!

They are served a silver platter with a domed lid and as the lid is removed, two mobiles are seen with the reels of two different slots spinning. The two slots are Diamond Jackpots and Slots O Gold.

The couple act as though this is pleasing to them but have neither ever used a mobile for anything more than making a phone call?

The couple who are then strolling through the food area are more of the age of the demographic we would expect to be playing at an online casino, even if they are dressed in attire from an era that didn’t even know what the Internet was!

They are shown Genie Jackpots and Spinner Bar X on two tablets.

In the swimming pool, a swimmer is presented with a towel and a tablet with the Thunder Struck slot reels spinning.

The advert ends with the hostess thanking you for joining Betfred Cruises and then the cruise liner is shown on screen.

The Betfred Ad

We weren’t overly impressed with the advert if we’re honest, it lacked something to connect with the viewer, or this viewer at least.

If you haven’t  seen it, just click the image below to view:

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