ASA Give Ladbrokes A Double Knuckle Rap

Ladbrokes - ASA Double Trouble For Ladbrokes

Lately we’re hearing more and more stories about online gambling firms being reprimanded for unclear terms and conditions.

It’s not that the operators are suddenly being underhand, just that legislation is really clamping down! This week the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have ruled against Ladbrokes, and it’s not just a complainant, the ASA itself has also spotted a discrepancy.

The Complaint About Ladbrokes

The complaint itself is pretty standard; the complainant took up an offer at Ladbrokes Betting and was later informed that they had exceeded their 30% bonus bet limit and so had voided their bonus winnings.

It was argued that Ladbrokes should have made the bonus bet limit clearer on the original offer, and the ASA agreed that these terms should have been clearer on the offer, and given prominence. The ASA upheld the complaint.

Unusual Move From The ASA

What is an unusual is to see the ASA raise further points on the firms they are investigating.

This complaint ended up being a two-part complaint because the ASA raised the question of the five times play through requirement and whether it should be clearer.

Unsurprisingly the ASA upheld its own complaint and invited Ladbrokes to amend future advertising to make the wagering requirement clearer.

The ASA also noted that some games counted less towards wagering requirements, and because this was likely to influence consumer decisions, it should have been clearer in the initial ad.

You can read the full ruling here.

We’ve never come across a case before where the ASA has raised a further complaint (that’s not to say there hasn’t been one) about an investigated gambling ad, but it does show how the industry and especially regarding wagering terms and requirements, is being held to much greater scrutiny.

What it should do is weed out the unclear offers, and make casinos and online betting firms much more accountable, and that can only be good news for players.

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