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If you’re a serious Blackjack player then there’s a chance that you have your own strategies for playing the game but how would you like to learn more from those in the know?

That’s exactly what you are now able to do thanks to 888 Casino because they have teamed up with two big gambling experts to create The Ultimate Blackjack Guide.

Henry Tamburin and Don Schlesinger were both involved in the creation of the guide, one that offers the reader the most up to date strategies alongside tips and skills that can be used by both novice and professional players.

888 Casino Blackjack Guide Contributors

Henry Tamburin

Wikipedia lists Henry as a gambling author who has a background in mathematics and has a doctorate in chemistry. It goes on to say that his best-known publication is Blackjack: Take the Money and Run. Similar to the Ultimate Blackjack Guide, it looks at strategies and advanced tactics.

He is the owner of smartgaming.com; a web page that offers tips on gambling and sells a variety of books and software.

Don Schelsinger

The Wikipedia page for Don Schelsinger lists a whole wealth of publications that mention the man himself as well as revealing that he is most famous for creating the Illustrious 18.

The Illustrious 18 is an abridged set of the most efficient card counting indices mentioned in the most card counting books published in the last 30 years!

He is also a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame and was inducted in 2014.

About The 888 Casino Ultimate Blackjack Guide

According to the press release from 888 Casino, the guide has been written with an informal tone and boasts 15 chapters that all contain additional sub-chapters.

Using short paragraphs and colour-coded charts as well as an array of other tools, the guide is said to be fun and informative whilst imparting knowledge that will help the reader to play the game skillfully.

Using The Ultimate Blackjack Guide

You can read the guide by visiting 888 Casino but currently only some chapters and sub-chapters are available, the others are coming soon.

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