Net Entertainment Casino Games

Net Entertainment – NetEnt for short – arrived online in 1996, but is an off-shoot of a Scandinavian offline casino operator.

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This gives it an impressive lineage dating back to the early days of online gaming and beyond in its bricks-and-mortar operations. But the company is not standing still either, and in early 2015 NetEnt took the International Gaming Awards titles of Slots Provider/Supplier Product of the Year for both online and offline, a feat NetEnt president Per Eriksson called “a superb achievement”.

NetEnt Aliens slot game

It’s no one-off either – in 2014 NetEnt claimed the largest number of prizes at the EGR B2B Awards, including the titles of Mobile Supplier, RNG Supplier, Slot Provider and a high commendation for Live Casino Supplier. The company’s ‘Better Games’ commitment pledges to continue developing the best in graphics, sound and mathematics for the future, too.

At the time of writing, NetEnt had recently debuted new video slots and new mobile games – and were recruiting to roles as diverse as live casino dealers and customer support, and HTML5 developers, database developers and game testing (no doubt a hotly contested vacancy!).

With over 200 games built into NetEnt’s award-winning platform CasinoModule, the successful applicant for the game tester position might find they’re busier than expected, especially with the ongoing commitment to new titles and the very best in gaming.

Best NetEnt Blackjack Game – Double Exposure Blackjack

NetEnt Double Exposure Blackjack

It’s worth taking a look at Double Exposure Blackjack, as it’s a classic Vegas game but not one you see often on online casinos. The difference is that the dealer’s cards are dealt face up, giving the player that little extra advantage in terms of planning your strategy.

The dealer wins if both hands are tied, but being able to see the dealer’s cards makes a huge difference to the way you play – you might normally stand on 20, for instance, but if you know you’re tied, you might prefer to split the cards and play to hit 21.

Other than that, standard rules apply – the dealer must draw to 16, and must stand on 17. Blackjack pays 1 to 1, as do all other wins, and there are standard, ‘low roller’ and ‘high roller’ versions of the game that allow you to wager up to a maximum of €500 if you’ve got the resources.

Look out for Blackjack Pro and Single Deck Blackjack, along with rule variations like Pontoon Pro Series – NetEnt are committed to offering the best variety of the best games as we said, and there’s certainly no shortage of card games where the target is 21.

Best NetEnt Roulette Game – Roulette Pro

NetEnt Roulette Pro

For our pick of NetEnt’s best roulette game, we’re going with popular opinion, and NetEnt say Roulette Pro is their most popular version of online roulette. With a lengthy feature list, it’s easy to see why this is the case.

Take your place at a virtual Roulette Pro table and you have options such as autobet, game statistics to refer to, and easy access to betting patterns too. It’s also worth noting that you can spin the wheel without placing a bet – of course it’s random so this won’t achieve much, but it’s an option if you want it.

Nice touches include the background music (which, thankfully, can be switched off if you’re not a fan of light jazz) and the wheel animation – which is subtle, but includes the little details like reversing the direction of the wheel with each spin.

Best NetEnt Slot – Aliens

NetEnt Aliens slot game

It’s not often that a big-name video slot is also one of the best games on offer, but Aliens really does justice to the film franchise on which it is based. First the basics – it’s a five-reel, three-row, 15-line video slot with three different game levels, collectible multipliers, respins and wild substitutions.

But it’s more than that, and the videogame-style cut sequence that introduces the game is just the start. You can play through three different stages – the search, the encounter, and the hive – as you try to find and destroy the alien queen. Atmospheric music and totally in-keeping graphics make it the perfect combination of a first-person shooter (with no actual shooting skills required) and a traditional video slot.

Reach stages two and three and you’re up close and personal with facehuggers, aliens and eventually the queen, and although it might sound silly, there’s a good chance you’ll jump at least once during the feature. If your ammo holds out and you get lucky, you’ll destroy the queen hive, with a hefty jackpot to be won if you do.