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  • Free spins on your first three deposits and easy 'play for fun' access means you can practise as much as you want before risking your own money.
Casino Floor screenshot

CasinoFloor has more to offer than first meets the eye. From the homepage, the selection might seem limited – just Slots, Sports, Casino and Live Dealer tabs, with no separate page for poker, table games, bingo and so on.

But there’s much more to it than that, for example in the Casino section, which is then broken down into categories ranging from slots and video poker to table games, jackpots, newest titles and even what’s popular with other players.

Rio FerdinandEx-England footballer Rio Ferdinand is the face of CasinoFloor.

Special mention has to go to the ‘All Games’ index in each section, which is like a vision of how all online casinos should be – with games sorted either alphabetically, by popularity, or in the slightly enigmatic ‘default order’. You can toggle to display only games from certain software providers, such as Microgaming or Net Entertainment. There’s even an option to open games in overlay mode, or full screen, or in a new tab, or within the current tab, depending on which method you prefer.

The casino itself is very simple-looking, but deceptively detailed in its functionality, and that’s even before you get to the potential £300 and 100 free spins on your first three deposits, or the ‘play for fun’ options which, for once, are not hidden away when you’re browsing the main index. All in all, it’s a pretty impressive effort.

Lots of Slots

Slots form the basis of the CasinoFloor offering, with over 600 titles including slots, video slots, jackpot games and instant-win scratch cards. Finding the game you want in amongst so many titles is fairly no-nonsense, with clear categories that tell you how many titles will be on each menu page, an instant search box on every screen, the filters mentioned in the intro above to decide what’s displayed and how it’s sorted, and even the chance to add your selection of games to your favourites for later.

Launch a slot and it opens using your chosen method, whether in a special overlay mode, a full-screen window, a new tab or so on. Generally the overlay mode seems to work particularly well, although if you quit back out of the game using the ‘close window’ button during autospins, the sound of the spinning reels continues – so make sure you stop your autospins first.

More on the Floor

CasinoFloor slot gamesChoose from CasinoFloor’s massive selection of games.

It can feel as though the casino games, despite featuring in the site’s name, have been pushed to one side to make way for the 600+ slots and instant-win games, but head to the Casino section of the site and there’s plenty to be found. In fact, the 56 table games are right there in the Slots section too – the menu navigation is the same on both pages – but it somehow feels right to see them listed on a page with poker and roulette-themed graphics, rather than just as an extra option alongside a slots-themed menu page.

As usual, you’ll need to be signed in if you want to visit a Live Dealer room – there’s no spectate option either, making the Live Casino the only part of the site that’s inaccessible to non-members, and where you can’t play for fun. But then again, there are real people waiting to deal the cards and spin the roulette wheel, and with over 20 rooms open, it’s only fair to limit this section of the site to paying members.

Ditch the Glitches

For a generally very well designed website, CasinoFloor is not without its minor glitches, such as the problem with the sound of autospins continuing even after you leave a slots page. We also found that opening games in a popup window or new tab sometimes failed too, although the default overlay mode worked every time and looked great.

There was also a glitch where, if you clicked to view the information about a particular game, it would pop up in a new window, which would vanish moments later before the game info had even loaded; another wrinkle to be ironed out if CasinoFloor is to truly live up to its potential.

A Site for Sore Eyes

CasinoFloor Live DealerMeet CasinoFloor’s live dealers.

Finally, one last mention once again of the generally elegant visual design of this site, because it’s easy to underestimate it at first glance. The menus are sleek, the overlay mode allows games to load in full resolution without leaving the current page, and when you’re playing a game, there’s none of the distracting flashing adverts or other surrounding graphics some online casinos suffer from.

The same applies to the sound – clear and crisp stereo music and sound effects that are especially good if you’re playing with headphones on. On Starburst, one of the titles where you get free spins on your first few deposits, the soothing music and sparkling sound effects are similar to those in the classic PC game Endorfun, a life-affirming colour-matching logic game whose gameplay was not a million miles from that of Starburst itself.

CasinoFloor has clearly been designed to be a thing of understated beauty, not shouty like so many other online casinos. For the most part it works wonderfully well, with a couple of fairly inconsequential glitches to watch out for, and it’s well worth a look.