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FOBTs Give Gambling a Bad Name

Culture minister Hugh Robertson has confirmed that the government will not be changing the law on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs). This move is a […]

ITV Gamble on Mr Selfridge

Given that Mr Selfridge received viewing ratings of more than 7 million and has been trending all day on Twitter, it’s safe to say that […]

The Best Casino Christmas Presents

Most people look forward to Christmas and understandably so. All of the time off work, lots of food, drink and parties are undoubted benefits of […]

Sensing a Stacked Deck

Did you ever get the feeling that the cards were against you in a game, only to later discover that you were right? Counting cards […]

Gambling ‘is not always bad’

Although the media often demonise frequent gambling, one university professor has pointed out that a hobby is only an addiction if it does not have […]

The Importance of Luck in Non-Gambling Events

We all trust to luck from time to time, but do you really believe in good fortune, or is it simply a coincidence when you […]

Defining Boredom Helps to Prevent Problem Gambling

Gambling can be a perfectly healthy hobby if you keep it under control – and can allow you to turn your loose change into a […]

The Bitter Taste of a Near-Miss

When you hit a dry patch on the online slots, you might think watching the reels spin and spin is the most frustrating time in […]