Beating Bonuses

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Always Read the Small Print

Ah yes, the terms and conditions. Just like the warranty for your car, the mortgage for your house and that 2 for 1 offer at Pizza Express, casino bonuses are subject to terms and conditions.

In theory, if any one of these terms and conditions are broken then the casino has the right to withhold your winnings from you. In practice, a bit of judgement is exercised every now and then but believe us when we say that it’s best to toe the line.

Avoid 200%+ Bonuses like the Plague

Higher wagering requirements

A high percentage deposit match might seem like free money, but anything over 100% is probably too good to be true – and the reason for that is the wagering requirements that come with a big bonus.

Get anywhere close to 200% and you’re probably looking at having to play through and win your bonus money 50 times over before you can withdraw it as cash, often within a very short period of time before it is forfeited completely.

Easy Does It

Don’t get aggressive. Take your time.

The desire to hit those ‘playthrough’ or ‘wagering’ requirements as quickly as possible, combined with the headrush of having all that free money in your account, can make it tempting to raise your stakes, or even to bet it all on one hand or spin.

Conservative gambling is still the best way to make it through 40x playthroughs and still have some balance left to take as real money – so bet small, and at low odds, but check the Ts & Cs too because overly conservative Roulette or Blackjack betting is often outlawed under deposit bonus deals.

Low Wagering Requirements are Ideal

The first issue that we need to tackle is that of wagering requirements. These are attached to every bonus because, if they weren’t, you could simply take the money and run.

Basically the wagering requirements are the number of times that you have to bet your bonus in order to be able to withdraw it and your winnings. The amount can vary from 10x up to 50x or even 100x so remember; lower wagering requirements are better.

Only Certain Games Count Toward Requirements

The games that count towards the wagering requirements often differ too. This is because some games have lower house edges than others meaning that a player could easily wager the required amount on a game where they have a good chance of winning.

For example, blackjack rarely contributes much towards requirements as a player could reach the playthrough target without too much risk. But rather than not allowing these more advantageous games to contribute at all, casinos do allow them to make up a small percentage of the requirements. So blackjack may be able to account for 2% of requirements, for example.

In addition to this, always check whether the listed wagering requirements count against just the bonus or the deposit and the bonus. A little trick to look out for is when the requirements are multiplied by bonus and deposit. This makes them look smaller than they would if it were multiplied by just the bonus. To illustrate, requirements of 15x bonus and deposit is actually exactly the same as requirements of 30x a 100% bonus.

Below are a few examples of how wagering requirements work:

100% deposit match worth up to £150.

Wagering requirements of 20x bonus and deposit.

  • So if you deposit £150 and receive £150 you start with £300.
  • Therefore you need to bet 20 x £300.
  • So after £6,000 of wagers you can withdraw your bonus money and winnings.

Can You Cash Out?

However, whether you’re allowed to withdraw your bonus as well as the winnings that you’ve made from it is another matter entirely. The best way to describe this is whether the bonus is ‘cashable’ or not.

Cashable bonuses allow you to withdraw the bonus amount as well as your winnings once you’ve satisfied the wagering requirements. This factor is obviously more important when the bonus amount is quite large. For example, if you get a £5 no-deposit bonus that isn’t cashable, it’s by no means the end of the world.

Other Rules to Abide By:

  • Welcome bonuses only count on your first deposit. If you deposit without claiming a bonus, there’s no going back.
  • Don’t wager on games that the casino says you can’t. You may lose your winnings and bonus.
  • Most promotions are limited to one player per household. There’s no point lying about your address either as incorrect info will void withdrawals.
  • Some bonuses have time limits specifying when the wagering requirements must be met by. These can range from two days up to one month.
  • Bonuses will often only be available to players in a specific country. If you claim them in a country not allowed then any winnings and the bonuses will be taken away.
  • It’s not unusual for casinos to only allow players to use one bonus at a time but if they do allow more than one you’re best off not doubling up on bonuses.
  • Casinos can refuse to give you a bonus. It’s their right, so if this happens to you all you can do is suck it up and play without it or go somewhere else.